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32-35-1      Definition of terms.
32-35-2      Proof of financial responsibility for the future defined.
32-35-3 to 32-35-12.      Repealed.
32-35-13      Repealed.
32-35-14 to 32-35-24.      Repealed.
32-35-25      Repealed.
32-35-26 to 32-35-42.      Repealed.
32-35-42.1, 32-35-42.2.      Repealed.
32-35-43      Proof of financial responsibility for future--Person convicted of certain vehicle law offenses--Nonpayment of judgments.
32-35-43.1      Renewal of privileges only upon proof of financial responsibility for future.
32-35-44      Suspension or revocation of license--Suspension respecting all vehicles registered in offender's name.
32-35-45      Suspension not required--Furnishing proof of financial responsibility for future.
32-35-46      Suspension not required--Government vehicles.
32-35-47      Duration of suspension--Future proof of financial responsibility.
32-35-47.1      Fee for reinstatement of suspended license.
32-35-48      Conviction of unlicensed person--Future issuance of license prohibited in absence of proof of financial responsibility.
32-35-49      Conviction of nonresident--Suspension of operating privilege in absence of proof of financial responsibility.
32-35-50      Failure to pay judgment--Forwarding copy of judgment to department.
32-35-51      Nonresident judgment debtor--Copy forwarded to state of residence.
32-35-52      Suspension of license for failure to pay judgment.
32-35-53      Suspension not required for government vehicles.
32-35-54      Consent of judgment creditor to nonsuspension--Default in payment of judgment.
32-35-55      Suspension not required when insurer is liable--Failure of insurer to pay.
32-35-56      Judicial determination that insurer is not liable.
32-35-57      Duration of suspension--Satisfaction of judgment--Proof of future financial responsibility.
32-35-58      Repealed.
32-35-59      Amount sufficient to satisfy judgment--Judgment deemed satisfied.
32-35-60      Payment of judgment in installments--Order permitting installments.
32-35-61      Installment payments and proof of financial responsibility as obviating suspension.
32-35-62      Failure to pay installments--Suspension of licenses.
32-35-63      Vehicles unregisterable absent proof of financial responsibility.
32-35-64      Methods for furnishing proof of financial responsibility.
32-35-65      Certificate by insurance carrier as proof--Contents of certificate.
32-35-66      Certificate of insurance of nonresident--Carrier authorized to do business locally--Conditions.
32-35-67      Default by nonresident insurer.
32-35-68      Motor vehicle liability policy defined.
32-35-69      Conditions of owner's policy--Description of vehicles.

32-35-70      Conditions of owner's policy--Coverage and amount--Filing and form requirements--Date of compliance.
32-35-71      Conditions of operator's policy--Nonowned vehicles--Limits of liability.
32-35-72      Contents of policies.
32-35-73      Workers' compensation coverage unnecessary.
32-35-74      Policies subject to particular provisions of law.
32-35-75      Excess or additional coverage not affected.
32-35-76      Permissive provisions in policy--Indemnification clause.
32-35-77      Permissive provisions--Other insurance prorated.
32-35-78      Permissive provisions--Concurrent insurance.
32-35-79      Binder as fulfilling requirements.
32-35-80      Notice to department of cancellation or termination of policy--Violation as misdemeanor--Termination by certification of replacement policy.
32-35-81      Other automobile policies unaffected.
32-35-82      Employers' policies unaffected.
32-35-83      Proof of financial responsibility by surety bond--Individual sureties--Amount of bond--Conditions.
32-35-84      Bond as lien on surety's property--Extent of lien--Recording of notice.
32-35-85      Recordation procedure--Fee for recordation--Disposition of fee.
32-35-86      Suit on bond of defaulting debtor--Foreclosure of lien--Procedure.
32-35-87      Money or securities as proof of financial responsibility--Amount--Judgments against depositor.
32-35-88      Disposition of money or securities deposited--Payment of judgments--Attachment or execution against deposit.
32-35-89      Proof by owner on behalf of certain drivers--Vehicles covered--Endorsement on license.
32-35-90      Proof of financial responsibility by self-insurer--Certificate of self-insurance.
32-35-91      Conditions to issuance of certificate of self-insurance--Coverage of self-insurance.
32-35-92      Cancellation of certificate of self-insurance--Grounds--Failure to pay judgment.
32-35-93      Substitution of forms of proof of financial responsibility.
32-35-94      Additional security when previous proof becomes inadequate--Suspension of license pending filing additional proof.
32-35-95      Periods during which proof must be maintained--Conditions for waiver of requirement of proof.
32-35-96      Conditions under which waiver or return of proof not permitted.
32-35-97      Reapplication for license after return of proof--Conditions.
32-35-98      Duty of departments to administer provisions of chapter--Rules.
32-35-99      Persons aggrieved by orders of departments--Consideration of information.
32-35-100      Forms necessary for purposes of chapter.
32-35-101      Abstract of driver's operating record furnished by department--Contents--Certain accidents recorded separately--Fee.
32-35-101.1      Department to provide driving records of policyholders to insurance companies.
32-35-102      Departments orders subject to contested case provisions.
32-35-103      Inadmissibility of reports--Admissibility of testimony of investigating officer.
32-35-104      Surrender of license or registration.
32-35-105      Insurance required by other statutes unaffected.
32-35-106      Repealed.
32-35-107      Other processes of law unaffected by chapter.
32-35-108      Construction of chapter.
32-35-109      Giving forged or unauthorized proof as misdemeanor.
32-35-110      Driving after suspension of license or registration as misdemeanor.
32-35-111      Transfer of vehicle after suspension of registration--Security interests unaffected--Suspension of unauthorized reregistration.
32-35-112      Repealed.
32-35-113      Maintenance of financial responsibility--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-35-114      Evidence of financial responsibility when detained for a suspected violation.
32-35-115      What constitutes evidence of financial responsibility.
32-35-116      Written evidence of financial responsibility when cited for violation or involved in accident--Electronic copy as written evidence--Citation for noncompliance.
32-35-117      Appearance before magistrate to provide written evidence of financial responsibility--Submission by mail in lieu of appearance--Dismissal of proceedings.
32-35-118      Applicability of financial responsibility program to owner when another person is driver--Notice to state's attorney--New and used motor vehicle dealers exempted.
32-35-119      Written evidence of insurance--Electronic copy as written evidence.
32-35-120      Giving of false evidence of financial responsibility as misdemeanor.
32-35-121      Suspension of license as penalty for violation of 32-35-113 or 32-35-120.
32-35-122      Restriction of driving privileges upon suspension under § 32-35-121--Establishment of financial responsibility as prerequisite.
32-35-123      Repealed.
32-35-124      Public entities exempted from requirement to show mandatory financial responsibility.
32-35-125      Low-speed vehicles.

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