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58-22-1      Definition of terms.
58-22-2      Qualifications of surety for release of person on bail.
58-22-3      Persons disqualified as bail bondsmen--Violation as felony.
58-22-4      Unqualified and unlicensed person acting as bail bondsman or runner prohibited--Pledging of property by individual as security for bail bond permitted--Penalties for violation.
58-22-5      Licenses to individuals only--Examination waived for persons previously acting--Exemptions.
58-22-6      Application for license--Affirmative showing of qualifications.
58-22-7      License fee submitted to director--Fingerprints and photograph of applicant.
58-22-8      Annual list of surety bondsmen appointed by insurer--Notice to director of subsequent appointment.
58-22-9      Termination of appointment of surety bondsman by insurer--Notice to director--Information privileged.
58-22-10      Professional bondsman--Annual financial statement furnished by applicant.
58-22-11      Refusal, suspension, or cancellation of license for inadequate financial statement.
58-22-12      Application for license as runner--Affirmative showing of qualifications.
58-22-13      Runner's application--Fees--Fingerprints and photograph of applicant.
58-22-14      Application for license or renewal--Investigation of applicant's fitness--Criminal background check.
58-22-15      Failure of applicant for license to secure approval--Filing of another application.
58-22-16      Examination of bail bondsman or runner.
58-22-17      Examination fee.
58-22-18      Failure of applicant to pass--Subsequent examinations.
58-22-19      Expiration of licenses.
58-22-20      Renewal license--Issuance by director--Fee.
58-22-21      Causes for denial, suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew license.
58-22-22      Suspension of license--Investigation by director--Notice and charges--Failure to answer or deny charges, revocation of license.
58-22-23      Denial of charges of unlawful conduct--Hearing by director, notice of time and place, rights of parties--Suspension or revocation of license.
58-22-24      Deposit by professional bondsman with director--Amount--Law governing--Waiver for person authorized to countersign for bail bondsman.
58-22-25      Annual registration of bail bondsman's license required--Violation as misdemeanor.
58-22-26      Notice to sheriffs of discontinuance of business during license period--Return of license for cancellation.
58-22-27      Appointment of runners--Director's approval required--Grounds for denying appointment.
58-22-28      Termination of appointment of runner--Notice filed with director--Notice to runner--Information privileged.
58-22-29      Giving or promising anything of value to principal as misdemeanor.
58-22-30      Acceptance of anything of value from principal except premium as misdemeanor--Collateral security or indemnity permitted.
58-22-31      Receipt for collateral--Description of collateral received.
58-22-32      Solicitation of business where prisoners confined as misdemeanor.
58-22-33      Giving or promising anything of value to public officials to secure settlement, remission, or reduction as felony.

58-22-34      Giving anything of value to attorney in bail bond matter as felony--Exception.
58-22-35      Bail bondsman or runner acting as attorney as misdemeanor.
58-22-36      Advising employment of particular attorney as misdemeanor.
58-22-37      Signing or countersigning of bond in blank by bail bondsman prohibited, exception.
58-22-38      Annual list of forfeitures of bonds--Contents.
58-22-39      Affidavit of property bondsman as to consideration for undertaking--Willful misstatement as perjury.
58-22-40      Surety's right to enforce indemnity agreement limited by affidavit.
58-22-41      Deposit by defendant admitted to bail.
58-22-42      Bail by surety substituted for deposit--Refunding of deposit--Cancellation of original undertaking.
58-22-43      Bail other than deposit--Cancellation by deposit.
58-22-44      Undertaking for appearance before a magistrate or court--Time of appearance.
58-22-45      Liability on undertaking unaffected by defects.
58-22-46      Validity of undertaking entered into on Sunday or holiday.
58-22-47      Administration and enforcement of chapter by director--Employment of personnel.
58-22-48      Repealed.
58-22-49      Written appointment required with application for runner's license.
58-22-50      Licensee to notify Division of certain convictions.
58-22-51      Out-of-state bail bondsperson--Notification of activities--Limitations on activities--License required.
58-22-52      List of runners to be furnished to director--Fee.
58-22-53      Posting of bond under bondsperson's own license for licensee's release prohibited.
58-22-54      Enforcement of title permitted although license surrendered or lapsed.
58-22-55      Report of felony criminal prosecution.

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