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25-7A-1      Definition of terms.
25-7A-2      Public assistance to dependent child deemed debt of person responsible for support--Establishment of amount of debt--Public assistance recipient does not incur debt.
25-7A-3      Subrogation right of department.
25-7A-3.1      Designation of Department of Social Services as state child support case registry--Duties.
25-7A-3.2      Designation of Department of Social Services as state child disbursement unit--Collection and disbursement procedures.
25-7A-3.3      State directory of new hires--Reporting requirements--Multistate employers--Use of information by department.
25-7A-4      Statement required of certain parents.
25-7A-5      Notice of support debt--Service on parent--Contents of notice.
25-7A-6      Hearing requested by parent--Referee's report--Objections--Order of court--Service--Objection to court's modification.
25-7A-6.1      Notice to department of parent's address and employment information.
25-7A-6.2      Time for furnishing documents required by referee--Inspection and copying by parties.
25-7A-7      Secretary's application for support order--Court order--Service.
25-7A-8      Circuit court action to contest paternity or custody.
25-7A-9      Repealed.
25-7A-10      Repealed.
25-7A-10.1      Filing of action involving previous support order.
25-7A-11      Repealed.
25-7A-12, 25-7A-13.      Repealed.
25-7A-14      Interest on support debt or judgment.
25-7A-15      Payor holding amount in excess of debt--Release of excess to obligor.
25-7A-16      Grounds for release of lien.
25-7A-17      Agreement between parents relieving duty of support--Rights of department or support obligee not terminated.
25-7A-18      Cooperation between public agencies.
25-7A-19      Department as administrator.
25-7A-20      Enforcement of spousal support obligation.
25-7A-21      Judgment for arrearage due obligee in absence of court order.
25-7A-21.1      Order establishment case--Limitation on prior-period support obligations or arrearages.
25-7A-22      Petition for modification of child support--Hearing--Referee's report--Objections--Service--Objection to modification of report.
25-7A-23      Order for withholding of income or property--Written agreement in lieu of order.
25-7A-24      Order for withholding of income served upon obligor where delinquent or support arrearage owed.
25-7A-25      Repealed.
25-7A-26      Petition to stay service of order for withholding--Grounds.
25-7A-27 to 25-7A-29.      Repealed.
25-7A-30      Service of order for withholding.
25-7A-31      Order for withholding--Contents.

25-7A-32      Amount withheld for support and arrearage.
25-7A-33      Order for withholding not conclusive on issue of arrearage.
25-7A-34      Deduction and transmittal of income by payor.
25-7A-35      Compliance by payor where multiple orders for withholding or multiple obligors.
25-7A-36      Duty of payor where obligor terminated--Service of order upon new payor.
25-7A-37      Withholding made without regard to other claims--Complete defense by payor to claims of obligor.
25-7A-38      Modification, suspension or termination of order for withholding.
25-7A-39      Notice to payor.
25-7A-40      Binding effect of order for withholding.
25-7A-41      Notice of change of address of obligee.
25-7A-42      Notice of new payor to department by obligee--Violation as misdemeanor.
25-7A-43      Notice of other support payments to department by obligee.
25-7A-44      Collection, apportionment, and disbursements of payments by department--Payment records.
25-7A-45      Actions against payor by department.
25-7A-46      Intentional violation by payor as petty offense.
25-7A-47      Request to another state to withhold income of obligor.
25-7A-48      Order to withhold income of obligor upon request from another state.
25-7A-49      Law applicable to withholding of income derived within state.
25-7A-50      Notice to other state where obligor ceases to derive income within state.
25-7A-51      Workfare program--Circumstances where participation required.
25-7A-52      Supplemental nature of rights and duties--Prior assignments not invalid.
25-7A-53      Repealed.
25-7A-54      Department exempt from filing fee.
25-7A-55      Previous orders legalized, cured, and validated.
25-7A-56      Prohibition against issuance or renewal of professional license, registration, certification, or permit of applicant in child support arrearage--Adoption of rules by state agencies.
25-7A-56.1      Revocation, suspension, or restriction of licenses of child support obligors.
25-7A-56.2      Recordation of social security number of child support obligors.
25-7A-56.3      Administrative authority of Title IV-D agency in paternity and support actions.
25-7A-56.4      Administrative access of Title IV-D agency to motor vehicle or law enforcement locator systems.
25-7A-56.5      Disclosures to Title IV-D agencies.
25-7A-56.6      Title IV-D agency records access.
25-7A-56.7      Filing requirements.
25-7A-56.8      Jurisdiction of authorized tribunals.
25-7A-56.9      Reporting requirements of child support obligor's financial institution.
25-7A-56.10      Withholding from reemployment assistance benefits.
25-7A-56.11      Title IV-D agency as payee.
25-7A-57      Award of attorney fees and costs in child support modification hearings.
25-7A-58      Health insurance for dependent child.
25-7A-59      Withholding employee's compensation for dependent child's medical support--Required filing time--Limitation on amount--Penalty.
25-7A-60      Garnishment of wages for state expenditures for dependent child under the medical assistance program.
25-7A-61      Promulgation of rules to notify insurers and employers of child support orders that include medical support.
25-7A-62      Notice to obligor of national medical support notice--Procedure and grounds for contesting enrollment.

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