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27A-12-1      Individual privacy and dignity to be respected.
27A-12-1.1      "Person" defined.
27A-12-1.2      Commitment not conclusive on competence.
27A-12-2      Transferred.
27A-12-3      Notice of rights furnished patient--Display.
27A-12-3.1      Rights enumerated--Limitations on rights.
27A-12-3.2      Right to treatment through spiritual means.
27A-12-3.3      Right of access to protection of receiving assistance.
27A-12-3.4      Labor for benefit of facility.
27A-12-3.5      Discharge not conditioned on labor--Compensation exempt from facility charges.
27A-12-3.6      Comprehensive individualized treatment plan--Right to participate in planning--Purpose of plan--Periodic review.
27A-12-3.7      Aftercare plan to facilitate discharge.
27A-12-3.8      Examination and review of behavioral status after admission.
27A-12-3.9      Review of need for continued treatment--Release if implementation of treatment plan untimely.
27A-12-3.10      Application for transfer from involuntary to voluntary status.
27A-12-3.11      Emergency surgery or treatment--Documentation of necessity--Immunity from liability--Health care--Sterilization.
27A-12-3.12      Right to refuse being subjected to research or experimental or intrusive procedures or medication--Exceptions.
27A-12-3.13      Petition for authority to administer psychotropic medication or other medical treatment--Examination and physician opinion of incapacity to consent required.
27A-12-3.14      Service of petition and notice of hearing--Content--Appointment of counsel--Hearing.
27A-12-3.15      Order for psychotropic medication or other treatment when person incapable of consent.
27A-12-3.16      Time limit for administration of psychotropic medication or other medical treatment--Termination of order--Review of necessity of treatment.
27A-12-3.17      Compensation of appointed attorney by county of residence.
27A-12-3.18      Access to attorney and private physician.
27A-12-3.19      Personal appearance at hearing not compulsory--Presenting evidence.
27A-12-3.20      Repealed.
27A-12-3.21      Experimental research and hazardous procedure to be approved by secretary of social services.
27A-12-3.22      Psychosurgery, aversive stimuli, and substantial deprivations prohibited.
27A-12-3.23      Repealed.
27A-12-4      Transferred.
27A-12-4.1      Repealed.
27A-12-5      Transferred.
27A-12-6      Transferred.
27A-12-6.1      Restrictive treatment procedures--Documentation--Prior approval-- Limitation.
27A-12-6.2      Seclusion or restraint--Clinical justification required--Rationale--Appropriate manner.
27A-12-7      Transferred.
27A-12-8      Transferred.
27A-12-9      Transferred.
27A-12-10      Transferred.
27A-12-11      Transferred.
27A-12-11.1      Transferred.
27A-12-11.2      Repealed.
27A-12-11.3      Transferred.
27A-12-11.4      Repealed.
27A-12-11.5, 27A-12-11.6.      Transferred.
27A-12-11.7      Transferred.
27A-12-11.8      Transferred.
27A-12-11.9      Transferred.
27A-12-11.10 to 27A-12-11.12. Transferred.
27A-12-11.13      Repealed.
27A-12-12, 27A-12-13.      Transferred.
27A-12-14      Repealed.
27A-12-15      Transferred.
27A-12-16, 27A-12-17.      Repealed.
27A-12-18      Transferred.
27A-12-19      Transferred.
27A-12-20, 27A-12-21.      Transferred.
27A-12-22      Transferred.
27A-12-23, 27A-12-24.      Transferred.
27A-12-25      Individual records required--Contents--Confidentiality.
27A-12-25.1      Information closed to public inspection--Sealed upon termination of proceedings.
27A-12-26      Confidentiality of information acquired in course of providing mental health services.
27A-12-26.1      Access to own records--Exceptions--Confidentiality following discharge.
27A-12-27      Obligation to disclose confidential information.
27A-12-27.1      Request for notice and notice of pending discharge.
27A-12-27.2      Detention of person subject to petition for involuntary commitment if necessary for law enforcement to obtain custody.
27A-12-27.3      Immunity from liability for good faith detention.
27A-12-28      Transferred.
27A-12-29      Discretionary disclosure of confidential information.
27A-12-30      Released information approved by administrator--Record of release.
27A-12-31      Identity of patient protected in disclosing information--Disclosure limited by germaneness.
27A-12-32      Disclosure by recipient of confidential information.
27A-12-32.1      Asserting grievances.
27A-12-32.2      Habeas corpus available for committed, confined, detained, or restrained person.
27A-12-33      Provisions of title do not replace or limit other rights.

27A-12-33.1      Exercise of rights.
27A-12-34      Notification to guardian or next of kin as to admission or commitment to, or discharge from, Human Services Center.

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