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32-22-1      Repealed.
32-22-2      Movement of load or wide farm machinery during darkness as misdemeanor.
32-22-3      Maximum width of vehicle and load--Violation as misdemeanor--Farm machinery and recreation vehicle exceptions.
32-22-3.1      Repealed.
32-22-3.2      Operation of farm implement exceeding width limitations--Restricted hours--Warning lights.
32-22-4      Repealed.
32-22-5      Maximum length of vehicle--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-6      Flagging or lighting extended loads--Violations as misdemeanors.
32-22-7      Repealed.
32-22-8      Repealed.
32-22-8.1      Length limitations on trailers, semitrailers, and auto and boat transporters--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-8.2      Local regulation restricted--Access permits .
32-22-8.3      Issuance of trip permits unaffected.
32-22-8.4      Length limitations on stinger-steered automobile transports.
32-22-9      Combination of vehicles of more than two units--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-10      Requirements for combination vehicles.
32-22-10.1      Repealed.
32-22-11      Saddlemount combinations--Compliance with federal requirements--Maximum dimensions--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-11.1      Saddlemount combinations with fullmount--Compliance with federal requirements--Maximum dimensions--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-12      Repealed.
32-22-12.1      Certain combination exempt--Specifications--Violation as misdemeanor--Rules.
32-22-12.2      Exception for combination of towing motor vehicle or farm tractor and two anhydrous ammonia fertilizer tanks.
32-22-12.3      Exception for combination of towing motor vehicle and two implements of husbandry operated by/for farm implement dealer.
32-22-12.4      Combination of towing vehicle and trailers or semitrailers transporting light or medium duty trailers for commercial delivery.
32-22-13      Repealed.
32-22-14      Maximum height of vehicles--Farm and fire vehicles excepted--Trailers carrying baled hay--Duty to provide vertical clearance--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-14.1      Exemption of vehicles used to transport farm commodities or implements.
32-22-15      Repealed.
32-22-16      Maximum weight of vehicle or combination of vehicles--Axles--Misdemeanor.
32-22-16.1      Formula for weight on group of consecutive axles.
32-22-16.2      Application of maximum axle or tire weight limits to vehicle hauling logs--Exception.

32-22-16.3      Limited exemption for certain vehicles hauling agricultural products or livestock from a farm--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-17, 32-22-17.1.      Repealed.
32-22-18      Repealed.
32-22-19      Combination vehicles deemed single for weight purposes.
32-22-20      Repealed.
32-22-21      Maximum weight per tire and on any axle or combination of axles--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-21.1      Single trip permits to move to scale site.
32-22-21.2      Highways to which maximum weight limit applies.
32-22-22      Tire width defined.
32-22-23      Repealed.
32-22-24      Reduced load maximums from February fifteenth to April thirtieth--Extension of period--Changing restrictions--Overweight permits--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-25      Reduced weight maximums on specific roads--Notice--Exceeding weight limit as misdemeanor.
32-22-26      Repealed.
32-22-27      Solid or cushion rubber tires--Maximum weight per inch width of tire--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-28      Metal wheeled vehicles--Maximum weight--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-29      Track vehicles excepted.
32-22-30      Repealed.
32-22-30.1      Construction vehicles and equipment--Operation on highway projects.
32-22-30.2 to 32-22-30.6.      Repealed.
32-22-31      Repealed.
32-22-31.1      Highway construction vehicles--Inspection of scale tickets for compliance with weight limitations--Reporting offenders.
32-22-31.2      Highway construction vehicles on contract to county, township or municipality--Inspection of scale tickets for compliance with weight limitations--Reporting offenders.
32-22-31.3      Review of county overweight vehicle enforcement programs--Factors considered--Certification of unsatisfactory programs--Prior specification of deficiencies--Withholding funds.
32-22-32      Special fastenings for vehicles transporting objects over particular length--Exception--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-33      Designation of certain highways for increased maximum loads permitted under federal regulations.
32-22-34 to 32-22-37.      Repealed.
32-22-38      Single trip permit for moving building or other oversize load--Carrying and inspection of permit.
32-22-38.1      Repealed.
32-22-39      Books of single trip permits--Payment of fee--Designation of routes.
32-22-40      Annual or single trip permits by local subdivisions.
32-22-41      Oversize permits--Duration--Rules.
32-22-42      Rules governing issuance of overweight and oversize permits--Fees.
32-22-42.1      Repealed.
32-22-42.2      Extra weight allowance for vehicles hauling from harvesting combine to point of first unloading--Maximum distance--Fine--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-42.3      Livestock hauler exemption.
32-22-42.4      Repealed.
32-22-42.5      Repealed.
32-22-42.6      Repealed.
32-22-42.7      Repealed.
32-22-42.8      Repealed.
32-22-42.9      Haystack movers--Enforcement actions for minor weight violation prohibited--Fine on excess only.
32-22-42.10      Solid waste hauling vehicle weight restrictions--Fine on excess only--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-42.11      Municipal sludge vehicles--Permit for oversize and overweight--Tires--Speed limit--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-42.12      Certain vehicles hauling from point of harvest--Exemption.
32-22-42.13      Single trip permit.
32-22-42.14      Rules authorizing operation of triple trailer combinations under single trip permit.
32-22-42.15      Last trailer marked long load.
32-22-42.16      Vehicles moving hay grinding equipment--Restrictions--Warning lights required--Permit fee.
32-22-43      Liability for damages not affected by issuance of permit.
32-22-44, 32-22-45.      Repealed.
32-22-46      Emergency movement of national defense vehicles.
32-22-46.1      Repealed.
32-22-47      Maximum vehicle weight on bridges--Required and permissible signs--Exception.
32-22-48      Damages for crossing bridge with overweight vehicle--Misdemeanor.
32-22-49      Person and vehicle defined.
32-22-50      Authority to weigh vehicle--Requiring vehicle to be driven to scales.
32-22-51      Removal of overweight portion of load--Risk of loss of unloaded cargo.
32-22-51.1      Repealed.
32-22-51.2      Livestock not to be unloaded from overweight vehicle--Special permit--Other enforcement action.
32-22-52      Operation of oversize or overweight vehicle as misdemeanor.
32-22-53      Repealed.
32-22-54      Cancellation of license plates on fourth overweight conviction--Period before reissuance.
32-22-55      Schedule of penalties for operation of overweight vehicle.
32-22-56      Repealed.
32-22-57      Lift axle control requirements--Permits--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-57.1      Vehicle equipped with variable load axle to be equipped with pressure control device--Exception--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-57.2      Specification of size and load carrying capacity of variable load axles.
32-22-58      Repealed.
32-22-59      Restrictions on size, weight or class.
32-22-60      Size and load restrictions--Notice--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-22-61      Authority to promulgate rules governing hitches used to transport farm implements from manufacturer .
32-22-62      Exemption of tow trucks or wreckers under certain conditions.
32-22-63      Electronic copy of permit.

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