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32-9-1      Definitions.
32-9-2      Motor carrier defined.
32-9-3      Exceptions from definitions of motor carrier and commercial vehicle.
32-9-3.1      Fee required of harvest vehicle--Permit--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-3.2      Mounted specialized equipment included in weight to determine license fee--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-3.3      Infrequently used vehicle and equipment owners to file for license from department--Application form--Fee.
32-9-3.4      Repealed.
32-9-3.5      Fee for commercial use of motorbus--Gross maximum weight.
32-9-4      Motor carriage as affected with public interest--Unusual impairment of highway.
32-9-5      Presumption that motor carrier makes unusual use of highways.
32-9-6      Application to county treasurer--Nonresidents--Contents of application--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-7      Issuance of receipt, commercial motor vehicle certificate, and plates--Conspicuous display--Mailing fees--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-8      Repealed.
32-9-8.1      Fees applicable to power unit or tractor only--Interchangeable trailers--Identification plates required--Fee--New plate upon title transfer--Disposition of fees--Trailers within a municipality--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-9      Loss or destruction of commercial plates--Duplicate plates--Fee--Disposition of fee--Report of loss.
32-9-10      Duties of department.
32-9-11      Repealed.
32-9-12      Forwarding applications to department.
32-9-13      Registration of maximum gross weight of vehicle.
32-9-14      Overweight operation prohibited--Violation a misdemeanor.
32-9-15      Schedule of commercial motor vehicle fees per gross pounds--Older vehicles.
32-9-16      Time for payment of commercial motor vehicle fee--Time for display of plate--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-16.1      Promulgation of rules for staggered registration system.
32-9-16.2      Fees paid pursuant to chapter--Calculation.
32-9-16.3      Staggered registration of intrastate commercial vehicles.
32-9-17      Duration of commercial plates and decals--Payment for unexpired portion of year--Proration of fee.
32-9-17.1      Denial of registration or title to certain commercial motor carriers--Suspension or revocation or registration or permit--Conditions for issuance or restoration.
32-9-17.2      Denial of registration or title to motor carrier for failure to disclose information, making false statement, affiliation with ineligible person, or safety reasons--Conditions for issuance.
32-9-18 to 32-9-20.      Repealed.
32-9-21      Discontinuing use of vehicle--Return of plates and certificates--Portion of fees refunded.
32-9-22      Temporary thirty-day permit to operate as commercial motor vehicle--Multiple permits allowed--Fee schedule--Proof of previous registration as noncommercial vehicle.

32-9-22.1      Temporary nonhire permits for commercial vehicles--Fee--Disposition of fees--Limit on issuance.
32-9-23      Repealed.
32-9-23.1      Alternate commercial fee by intrastate carriers--Amount of fees--Proof of registration or temporary permit--Certificate required for commercial use of certain noncommercial vehicles.
32-9-23.2      Application to pay alternative fee.
32-9-23.3      Alternative permit to be secured before movement--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-23.4      Repealed.
32-9-23.5      Receipt issued on payment--Display on demand--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-23.6      Repealed.
32-9-24, 32-9-24.1.      Repealed.
32-9-25 to 32-9-27.      Repealed.
32-9-28 to 32-9-40.      Repealed.
32-9-41      Persons and entities required to comply with chapter.
32-9-42      Repealed.
32-9-43      Repealed.
32-9-44      Revocation or cancellation of certificate upon violation.
32-9-44.1      Failure to surrender suspended, revoked or canceled plate or certificate as misdemeanor--Assistance by peace officers.
32-9-44.2      Revocation, cancellation or suspension of certificate upon repeated violations of § 32-5-16.7.
32-9-45      Overweight operation of vehicle--Payment of additional fee--Payment no defense.
32-9-46      Fee award as part of criminal conviction for overweight operation--Nonpayment punishable by contempt.
32-9-47      Determination that vehicle was overweight--Variation of five percent.
32-9-48 to 32-9-52.      Repealed.
32-9-53      Gross weight of tow trucks and wreckers.
32-9-54      Fee for certain vehicles transporting passengers--Seating capacity--Maximum weight.
32-9-55, 32-9-56. Repealed.
32-9-57      Transporter plates for hauling new trailers--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-9-57.1      Revocation or suspension of transporter plate--Failure to surrender plate as misdemeanor.
32-9-58      Registration and permit required to move certain vehicles between job sites--Fee.
32-9-59      Use of vehicles with dealer 88 license plates--Violation as misdemeanor.

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