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34-12-1    34-12-1. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 278, § 1.

34-12-1.1    Definition of terms.

34-12-2    License required to operate institution.

34-12-2.1    Unlicensed institutions ineligible for state or federal funds.

34-12-3    Licensed child welfare agencies exempt from chapter.

34-12-4    Lodging establishments exempt from chapter.

34-12-5    Application for license--Contents--Issuance of license--Denial--Contesting the denial.

34-12-6    Amount of license fee--Disposition.

34-12-7    Department of Health authorized to issue licenses--Promulgation of rules.

34-12-8    Provisional licenses--Circumstances under which issued.

34-12-8.1    Probationary licenses--Circumstances under which issued--Issuance of regular license after inspection--Certain new admissions prohibited during probation.

34-12-9    License not transferable.

34-12-10    34-12-10. Repealed by SL 2009, ch 164, § 3.

34-12-11    34-12-11. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 271, § 2.

34-12-11.1    Disclosure of public reimbursement rates required of nursing homes and related institutions.

34-12-12    Lodging and food service laws not applicable to licensees.

34-12-13    Rules to protect patients' health and safety.

34-12-14    Application of regulations and standards to Christian Science institution.

34-12-15    Inmate records and statistics required of institutions--Copy to patient and certain other persons on request--Reproduction cost--No liability for compliance--Section not applicable to chemical dependency treatment facilities.

34-12-15.1    Handling of residents' funds by nursing homes--Definition of terms.

34-12-15.2    Residents' funds kept separate--Free from facility's liabilities.

34-12-15.3    Deposit in bank of residents' funds not kept at nursing facility--Public facility to deposit with state treasurer.

34-12-15.4    34-12-15.4. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 271, § 3.

34-12-15.5    Surety bond required of nursing facilities handling large amounts of residents' funds--Amount of bond.

34-12-15.6    Records required on residents' funds--Form--Receipts kept.

34-12-15.7    Records of residents' funds available for audit.

34-12-15.8    Noncompliance as ground for revocation of administrator's license.

34-12-15.9    Surrender of funds on discharge of resident--Time allowed.

34-12-15.10    Escheat of unclaimed funds of deceased resident--Notice and transfer to state.

34-12-16    Inspection of licensed health care facilities--Exception--Refusal to allow inspection--Revocation proceedings.

34-12-17    Information received by department confidential--Disclosure.

34-12-18    Unlicensed operation as misdemeanor.

34-12-19    Grounds for suspension or revocation of license.

34-12-20    Procedure for suspension or revocation of license.

34-12-21    New license issued after suspension or revocation.

34-12-22    Appeal from department.

34-12-23    34-12-23, 34-12-24. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 277, § 8.

34-12-25    34-12-25. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 274, § 5.

34-12-26    34-12-26 to 34-12-28. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 181, §§ 1 to 3.

34-12-29    Promulgation of rules regarding nurse aide registration.

34-12-30    Notice from nursing facility required when resident's trust account approaches resource limit in medical assistance program.

34-12-31    No charge against resident funds for services paid under medical assistance program.

34-12-32    Residential services for elderly or disabled persons--Registration--Forms and procedures--Violation as misdemeanor.

34-12-33    Inspection of elderly or disabled person residential care facility--Authorization--Scope of inspection.

34-12-34    Failure to register--Notice--Closure.

34-12-35    34-12-35. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 272, § 10.

34-12-35.1    34-12-35.1. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 246, § 1.

34-12-35.2    34-12-35.2. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 193, § 1.

34-12-35.3    34-12-35.3. Repealed by SL 2000, ch 168, § 3, eff. June 30, 2005.

34-12-35.4    Number of beds in nursing facility.

34-12-35.5    Access critical nursing facilities.

34-12-35.6    Redistribution of existing nursing facility beds.

34-12-35.7    Annual consideration of need for additional nursing facility beds or new nursing facilities .

34-12-35.8    Proposals to address identified need for additional nursing facility beds or new nursing facilities--Promulgation of rules.

34-12-35.9    Authorization to increase number of nursing facility beds.

34-12-35.10    Nursing facility beds at Michael J. Fitzmaurice Veterans Home.

34-12-35.11    Annual report to legislative committees on need for additional nursing facility beds or nursing facilities.

34-12-36    34-12-36. Repealed by SL 1991, ch 272, § 10.

34-12-36.1    34-12-36.1. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 246, § 2.

34-12-37    Limit on the number of assisted living center beds which may be changed to nursing facility beds in certain nursing facilities.

34-12-38    Interest of Department of Social Services in funds of deceased resident receiving medical assistance.

34-12-39    34-12-39. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 193, § 2.

34-12-39.1    34-12-39.1. Repealed by SL 2000, ch 168, § 3, eff. June 30, 2005.

34-12-39.2    New nursing facilities--Limitations--Requirements.

34-12-39.3    34-12-39.3. Repealed by SL 2010, ch 170, § 2, eff. June 30, 2013.

34-12-39.4    New nursing facility as part of existing facility.

34-12-39.5    Authorization to construct new nursing facility.

34-12-39.6    Closure of existing nursing facility--Availability of authorized beds.

34-12-39.7    Authorization to construct new nursing facility in Moody County.

34-12-40    Continuing care agreement defined.

34-12-41    Entrance fee defined.

34-12-42    Continuing care retirement community defined.

34-12-43    Agreements--Exemptions--Insurance.

34-12-44    Information to be provided.

34-12-45    Escrow of fees.

34-12-46    Construction--Fees.

34-12-47    Notification of escrow accounts.

34-12-48    34-12-48, 34-12-49. Repealed by SL 2003, ch 180, § 3, effective June 30, 2005.

34-12-49    Use of state funds to construct nursing facility on American Indian reservation prohibited.

34-12-50    Court order for medical treatment of disabled adult under treatment by spiritual means.

34-12-51    Immunity from liability for reporting abuse, exploitation, or neglect of elder or adult with a disability.

34-12-52    Definition of terms related to trauma care system.

34-12-53    Trauma care system and statewide trauma registry.

34-12-54    Promulgation of rules regarding trauma care system.

34-12-55    Each facility to meet requirements of one of designated levels of trauma hospital.

34-12-56    Nursing facility construction on American Indian reservations.

34-12-56.1    Nursing facility on Rosebud Indian Reservation.

34-12-56.2    Nursing facility on Cheyenne River Indian Reservation.

34-12-57    Services of licensed birth center.

34-12-58    Location of birth center.

34-12-59    License required to operate birth center.

34-12-60    Facilities exempt from birth center license requirements.

34-12-61    Application for birth center license.

34-12-62    Promulgation of rules for birth centers.

34-12-63    Risk assessment system for birth centers.

34-12-64    Certain medical foster homes for veterans exempt from chapter.

34-12-65    Freestanding emergency medical care facility certified as hospital department exempt from licensing provisions.

34-12-66    Mammogram reports required to include information on breast density.

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