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34-20B-1      Definitions.
34-20B-2      Drug defined.
34-20B-3      Controlled drug or substance defined.
34-20B-4      Precursor defined.
34-20B-4.1      Anabolic steroid defined.
34-20B-5 to 34-20B-9.      Superseded.
34-20B-10      Scheduled substances to be controlled--Nomenclature in schedules.
34-20B-11      Criteria for inclusion of substance in Schedule I.
34-20B-12      Specific substances included in Schedule I.
34-20B-13      Opium derivatives and opiates specifically included in Schedule I.
34-20B-14      Hallucinogenic substances specifically included in Schedule I.
34-20B-15      Criteria for inclusion of substances in Schedule II.
34-20B-16      Substances specifically included in Schedule II.
34-20B-17      Opiates specifically included in Schedule II.
34-20B-18      Criteria for inclusion of substances in Schedule III.
34-20B-19      Stimulants specifically included in Schedule III.
34-20B-19.1      Ephedrine defined.
34-20B-20      Depressants specifically included in Schedule III.
34-20B-20.1      Gamma hydroxyl butyrate defined.
34-20B-21      Exception from Schedule III of stimulants and depressants used in medicinal preparations.
34-20B-22      Specific substances included in Schedule III.
34-20B-23      Narcotics specifically included in Schedule III.
34-20B-24      Criteria for inclusion of substances in Schedule IV.
34-20B-25      Substances specifically included in Schedule IV.
34-20B-26      Narcotic compounds specifically included in Schedule IV.
34-20B-27      Recommendations for addition, deletion, or rescheduling of scheduled substances.
34-20B-28      Substances not subject to control as precursors of precursors.
34-20B-28.1      Definition of terms applicable to code imprinted drugs.
34-20B-28.2      Code imprint required.
34-20B-28.3      Manufacturers' and distributors' identifying listings.
34-20B-28.4      Exemptions--Granting on appropriate showing--Inclusion in listings.
34-20B-28.5      Contraband--Seizure and forfeiture.
34-20B-28.6      Dispensing or sale without code imprint--Misdemeanor.
34-20B-29      Registration of prescribers, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensers of controlled drug or substance.
34-20B-30      Exemptions from annual registration requirements.
34-20B-31      Repealed.
34-20B-32      Waiver of registration requirement by regulation.
34-20B-33      Registration of previously registered or licensed establishments.
34-20B-34      Separate registration required for each place of business or practice.
34-20B-35      Criteria for registration of manufacturers and distributors.
34-20B-36      Authorized Schedule I and II substances to be specified in manufacturer's or distributor's registration.
34-20B-37      Practitioners registered to dispense Schedule II, III, and IV substances.
34-20B-38      Repealed.

34-20B-39      Inventories and records of controlled substances required of registrants.
34-20B-40      Inspection of registrant's premises authorized.
34-20B-41      Promulgation of rules by department--Fees.
34-20B-42      Unauthorized manufacture or distribution by registrant prohibited--Civil fine--Knowing violation as felony.
34-20B-42.1, 34-20B-42.2.      Repealed.
34-20B-43      Omission or removal of required symbol prohibited--Civil fine--Knowing violation as misdemeanor.
34-20B-44      Failure to keep or furnish required record or report prohibited--Civil fine--Knowing violation as felony.
34-20B-45      Civil fine for violation by manufacturer or distributor--Knowing violation as felony.
34-20B-46      Intentional distribution of Schedule I or II substance without order form as felony.
34-20B-47      Intentional use of unauthorized registration number as felony.
34-20B-48      Intentional falsification or omission of material information as felony.
34-20B-49      Criminal penalties in addition to civil and administrative penalties.
34-20B-50      Repealed.
34-20B-51      Survival of right of action.
34-20B-52      Civil action for recovery from unlawful distributor--Limitation of actions.
34-20B-53      Minor's recovery payable to parent or conservator.
34-20B-54      Cooperation by department with federal and state agencies.
34-20B-55      Centralized statistical unit--Availability of information.
34-20B-56      State agencies to cooperate with department.
34-20B-57      Exchange of information between governmental officials.
34-20B-58      County and municipal funds authorized.
34-20B-59      Use of county and municipal funds to make illegal purchases.
34-20B-60      Use of county and municipal funds to employ special agents.
34-20B-61      Law enforcement and cooperation by Division of Criminal Investigation and state's attorneys.
34-20B-62      Attorney general to enforce chapter.
34-20B-63      Special powers of agents of Division of Criminal Investigation.
34-20B-64      Drug control fund created--Administration by attorney general--Expenditures--Excess funds.
34-20B-65, 34-20B-66.      Repealed.
34-20B-67      Peace officers to cooperate with Division of Criminal Investigation.
34-20B-68      Trial court jurisdiction to enjoin violations.
34-20B-69      Jury trial of violations of injunction.
34-20B-70      Property subject to forfeiture.
34-20B-70.1 to 34-20B-80.      Repealed.
34-20B-81      Unlawful substances deemed contraband--Summary forfeiture.
34-20B-82      Unauthorized Schedule I substances deemed contraband--Summary seizure and forfeiture.
34-20B-83      Seizure and summary forfeiture of plant precursors of Schedule I and II substances--Failure to produce registration as authority.
34-20B-84 to 34-20B-89.      Repealed.
34-20B-90      Burden of proof as to registration or order form.
34-20B-91      Enforcement officers exempt from liability.
34-20B-92      Judicial review of department's decisions--Findings of fact conclusive.
34-20B-93 to 34-20B-99.      Repealed.
34-20B-100      Contracts with government agencies or private organizations.
34-20B-101, 34-20B-102.      Repealed.
34-20B-103, 34-20B-104.      Repealed.
34-20B-105      Residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment program authorized at Human Services Center.
34-20B-106 to 34-20B-109.      Repealed.
34-20B-110      Repealed.
34-20B-111, 34-20B-112.      Repealed.
34-20B-113      Severability of provisions and applications.
34-20B-114      Citation of chapter.

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