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36-32-1    Definition of terms.

36-32-2    Board of Examiners for Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists--Appointment and qualifications of members.

36-32-3    Eligibility for appointment.

36-32-4    Length of term--Number of terms.

36-32-5    Removal by governor--Vacancy.

36-32-6    Election of officers.

36-32-7    Per diem and expenses of board members--Personnel.

36-32-8    Board within Department of Social Services.

36-32-9    Unlicensed practice as a misdemeanor.

36-32-10    Use of certain titles by unlicensed persons prohibited.

36-32-11    36-32-11. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 199, § 1.

36-32-12    Inapplicability of chapter to certain activities and services.

36-32-13    Application requirements.

36-32-13.1    36-32-13.1, 36-32-13.2. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 187, § 1, 2.

36-32-14    36-32-14, 36-32-15. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 240, §§ 2, 3.

36-32-16    Qualifications for licensing of out-of-state licensees.

36-32-17    Examination of applicant's physical or mental health.

36-32-18    Licensure examination.

36-32-19    Reexamination.

36-32-19.1    36-32-19.1. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 187, § 5.

36-32-20    Renewal of license--Fee.

36-32-21    Display of license.

36-32-22    Board to furnish list of licensees.

36-32-23    Continuing education for license renewal.

36-32-24    Restoring inactive license to active status.

36-32-25    Regaining license inactive for two or more years.

36-32-26    Promulgation of rules.

36-32-27    Privileged information--Exceptions.

36-32-28    Inspection of counseling establishments.

36-32-29    Grounds for revocation of license.

36-32-30    Initiating revocation proceedings.

36-32-31    Majority of board required at revocation proceedings--Voting.

36-32-32    Conformity of revocation proceedings.

36-32-33    Appeal by aggrieved party.

36-32-34    Reinstatement of license.

36-32-35    36-32-35. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 240, § 11.

36-32-36    Additional duties of board.

36-32-37    Violations reported to law enforcement officials--Prosecution of violations.

36-32-38    Action for injunction.

36-32-39    Board funds in state treasury account--Moneys appropriated.

36-32-40    Mental health counseling.

36-32-41    Application for licensure as professional counselor-mental health--LPC-MH designation.

36-32-42    Requirements for LPC-MH licensure.

36-32-43    Promulgation of rules regarding standards for professional counselor-mental health licensure.

36-32-44    Supervision received and clinical experience accumulated for professional counselor licensure applied to professional counselor-mental health licensure.

36-32-45    36-32-45. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 187, § 10.

36-32-46    Qualifications for licensing of out-of-state licensed mental health counselors.

36-32-47    Definitions.

36-32-48    Board of Examiners for Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists--Membership--Appointment and qualifications.

36-32-49    Term of office--Compensation.

36-32-50    Removal for cause--Vacancy.

36-32-51    Meetings--Election of officers.

36-32-52    Immunity from liability.

36-32-53    Board within Department of Social Services.

36-32-54    Moneys received by board--Fund--Deposit--Continuous appropriation.

36-32-55    Duties of board.

36-32-56    Standards and procedures--Promulgation of rules.

36-32-57    Display of license.

36-32-58    Unlicensed practice--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-32-59    Use of certain titles by unlicensed persons--Prohibition.

36-32-60    Fraudulent or misleading advertising--Violation as misdemeanor.

36-32-61    Performing services outside of scope--Prohibition.

36-32-62    Enforcement of chapter.

36-32-63    Assistance in enforcement--Expenditures--Employment of attorney.

36-32-64    Professional counselor--Application--Requirements.

36-32-65    Licensed professional counselor--Mental health--Application--Requirements.

36-32-66    Examination of applicant's physical or mental health.

36-32-67    Applicants licensed out-of-state--Licensure requirements.

36-32-68    Applicants licensed out-of-state--Temporary license.

36-32-69    Person practicing under temporary license--Board supervision and discipline.

36-32-70    Change of name or address--Notice to board.

36-32-71    Term of license.

36-32-72    Renewal of license.

36-32-73    Continuing education for license renewal.

36-32-74    Inactive license--Reactivation.

36-32-75    Expired license--Reactivation.

36-32-76    Inapplicability of chapter to certain activities and services.

36-32-77    Client's violent behavior--Duty to warn.

36-32-78    Privileged information--Exceptions.

36-32-79    Testimony by counselor--Alimony or divorce action.

36-32-80    Complaints--Investigation--Dismissal--Hearing--Appeal.

36-32-81    Inspection of premises--Purposes.

36-32-82    Discovery--Evidence in contested cases--Civil actions.

36-32-83    Revocation of license--Grounds.

36-32-84    Revocation proceedings--Initiation.

36-32-85    Violation of chapter--Sanctions.

36-32-86    Suspension of license or registration--Grounds--Hearing--Appeal.

36-32-87    Conformity of revocation proceedings--Appeal.

36-32-88    Reinstatement of license.

36-32-89    Violations reported to law enforcement officials--Prosecution of violations.

36-32-90    Action for injunction.

36-32-91    Counseling services through electronic means--Requirements.

36-32-92    Fees--Promulgation of rules.

36-32-93    Professional counselors--Continuation of licenses.

36-32-94    Professional counselor--mental health--Continuation of licenses.

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