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4-7-1      Definitions.
4-7-1.1      Definitions.
4-7-2      Bureau continued within department of executive management--Purpose--Performance of functions.
4-7-2.1      Transferred.
4-7-3      General budgetary powers of Governor.
4-7-4      Qualifications of commissioner--Salary.
4-7-5      Employment of personnel for bureau--Expenses of personnel--Equipment and supplies--Office space.
4-7-6      Assistance to bureau by other state officers.
4-7-7      Annual budget estimates submitted by budget units--Contents and approval--Copies to Legislative Research Council.
4-7-7.1      Plan of goals and activities submitted with budget request.
4-7-7.2      Informational budgets required.
4-7-7.3      Annual budget statements required by Governor.
4-7-8      Governor's review and investigation of budget estimates.
4-7-9      Preparation and submission of budget report to Legislature.
4-7-10      Contents of annual budget report.
4-7-10.1      Salaries of specified officials included in budget.
4-7-10.2      Repeal of statutes establishing salaries of appointed officials.
4-7-10.3      Repealed.
4-7-10.4      Budgeting and appropriations for compensation and expenses of members of state boards and councils and management, policy making or advisory bodies.
4-7-10.5      Repeal of statutory allowances for boards, councils, and advisory bodies.
4-7-10.6, 4-7-10.7. Repealed.
4-7-11      Transferred.
4-7-12      Access of Governor-elect to budget report in process--Supplementary budget message by incoming Governor.
4-7-13      Legislative adoption of financial plan for each year.
4-7-13.1      Full-time equivalent appropriations separated in financial plan.
4-7-14      Transferred.
4-7-15      Development of policies and plan--Detailed documents--Information available to Legislature.
4-7-16      Analysis of proposed legislation by bureau.
4-7-17      Assistance to Legislature provided by bureau.
4-7-18      Coordination of procedures to carry out legislative policies.
4-7-19      Long-term capital improvements budget.
4-7-20      Operational improvements and economies--Automatic data processing systems.
4-7-21      Transferred.
4-7-21.1      Omitted.
4-7-22 to 4-7-24. Transferred.
4-7-25      Other duties of bureau.
4-7-25.1      Budgetary accounting service agency--Administration--Purpose.
4-7-25.2      Budgetary accounting fund.
4-7-25.3      Budgetary accounting service agency--Financing.
4-7-25.4      Fees for budgetary accounting services.
4-7-26      Rules and regulations.

4-7-27      Short title of chapter.
4-7-28      Salaries established by agencies controlled by Governor--Approval of Governor required.
4-7-29      Exemption of Board of Regents from salary approval requirement.
4-7-30      Repealed.
4-7-31      Budget reserve fund established.
4-7-32      Transfer of unobligated cash to budget reserve fund--Legislative action required for reserve fund expenditures.
4-7-33, 4-7-34. Repealed.
4-7-35 to 4-7-38. Repealed.
4-7-39      Transfer of unobligated cash to general revenue replacement fund.
4-7-40      Condition statements--Requests by legislative committee or chair.
4-7-41      Condition statement defined--Condition statement forms.
4-7-42 to 4-7-44. Repealed .
4-7-45      General revenue replacement fund established.
4-7-46      Maximum debt through South Dakota Building Authority and vocational education program of South Dakota Health and Educational Facilities Authority.
4-7-47      Total annual debt service payments of South Dakota Building Authority and vocational education program of South Dakota Health and Educational Facilities Authority.
4-7-48      Plan outlining current debt policies, financial analysis, and metrics.
4-7-49      Long-term financial plan.
4-7-50      Capital expenditure plan.
4-7-51      Publication of financial plans.
4-7-52      Submission of zero based budget on request of Joint Committee on Appropriations.

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