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42-7-1 to 42-7-46. Repealed.
42-7-47      State policy in exercise of police powers.
42-7-48      Definition of terms.
42-7-49 to 42-7-55. Repealed.
42-7-56      Powers and responsibilities of commission on gaming.
42-7-57      License required to hold race meeting or handle money under certificate system--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-7-58      Authority for racing under certificate system--Issuance of license.
42-7-58.1      Satellite facilities of horse or dog track licensees.
42-7-58.2      Wagering on televised races--Request and reciprocal agreement.
42-7-58.3      Approved simulcast races conducted on day assigned by commission.
42-7-58.4      Distribution of contributions.
42-7-58.5      Simulcast wagering in compliance with federal laws.
42-7-58.6      Eligibility for license to operate satellite races absent conducting live meet.
42-7-58.7      Consideration of applications for licenses for satellite facilities and multi-jurisdictional totalizator hubs--Restrictions.
42-7-59      Filing of application for racing license or provision of simulcast signal--Contents.
42-7-60      Bond required of applicant for license--Waiver--Revocation or suspension of license on nonpayment of fees or taxes.
42-7-61      Application for new site submitted to county commissioners--Notice to county auditors--Provision for vote.
42-7-62      Certification of votes on new racing site--Application forwarded to commission if approved by voters.
42-7-63      Fee for collecting and disbursing money--Disposition.
42-7-64      Contents of license for racing under certificate system--Days and hours of racing specified--License issued on basis of calendar year.
42-7-65      Transfer of license or stock ownership subject to approval--Standards applied.
42-7-66      Investigation of stock ownership--Failure to disclose.
42-7-67      Licensing of participants and track personnel--Maximum fee--Duration and privileges conferred--Fine, suspension or revocation.
42-7-68      Allotment of racing days to applicants--Preference to past users--Annual scheduling--Procedure for simulcast or satellite facilities.
42-7-69, 42-7-70. Repealed.
42-7-71      South Dakota-bred racing fund--Use of fund.
42-7-72      Repealed.
42-7-73      Bonus paid to breeder of winner of South Dakota-bred race--Registration of qualifying horses.
42-7-74, 42-7-75. Repealed.
42-7-76      Contributions by win bettors--Minors prohibited from participating--Interest acquired--Certificates issued.
42-7-76.1      Accepting of large bets by persons other than licensee as felony.
42-7-76.2      Accepting of medium bets as misdemeanor.
42-7-76.3      Accepting of small bets as misdemeanor.
42-7-77      Place and show betting--Combinations of races for betting.
42-7-78      Deduction from pari-mutuel pool on horse race--Payments to winners.
42-7-78.1      Additional deduction from pools on horse races--Distribution.
42-7-79      Deduction from pari-mutuel pool on dog race--Weekly remittances--Payments to winners.
42-7-79.1      Additional deduction from some pools on dog races--Distribution.
42-7-80      Repealed.
42-7-81      Deduction of breakage from pari-mutuel payments--Licensee to retain breakage.
42-7-82      Time for claiming payments from pari-mutuel pool.
42-7-83      Repealed.
42-7-84      Additional withholding by horse licensees.
42-7-84.1      Repealed.
42-7-85      Portion of horse-racing pari-mutuel pool paid to state.
42-7-86, 42-7-87. Repealed.
42-7-88      Repealed.
42-7-89      Payments to state in lieu of other taxes.
42-7-90      Audit of licensee by auditor-general--Reimbursement of expense.
42-7-91      Grounds for refusal, suspension, or withdrawal of license.
42-7-92      Legal representation of commission--Prosecution of violations.
42-7-93      Fine, revocation, or suspension of license after notice and hearing--Waiting period for new license after revocation.
42-7-94      Decisions and orders in writing--Service on person affected.
42-7-95      Judicial review of commission actions--Cost bond.
42-7-96      Suspensions and fines by racing judges or stewards--Notice and hearing--Appeals--Reference to commission.
42-7-97      Superseded.
42-7-97.1      Suspensions or revocations exceeding racing season.
42-7-98      Receipts retained in special racing fund.
42-7-98.1      Transfer of revenue in special racing fund--Procedure.
42-7-99, 42-7-100. Repealed.
42-7-101      Devices or expedients to increase horse's speed prohibited.
42-7-102      Interstate combined wagering pool--Take-out of host jurisdiction or facility--Percentage to state.
42-7-103      Combining pari-mutuel pools to establish interstate combined wagering pool.
42-7-104      Physical location as place of business.
42-7-105      Tax of wagers in interstate combined wagering pool.
42-7-106      Breakage calculation for interstate combined wagering pool.

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