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42-8-1      Safety and uniformity as policy of state.
42-8-1.1      Transferred.
42-8-1.2      Governor authorized to prohibit or restrict use of certain waterways.
42-8-1.3      Notice of restriction or prohibition.
42-8-1.4      Violation of prohibition or restriction as misdemeanor.
42-8-2      Definition of terms.
42-8-2.1      "Underway" defined.
42-8-3      Transferred.
42-8-4      Repealed.
42-8-5 to 42-8-7. Transferred.
42-8-8      Repealed.
42-8-8.1 to 42-8-8.4. Transferred.
42-8-9      Repealed.
42-8-10      Transferred.
42-8-11      Repealed.
42-8-12      Repealed.
42-8-13, 42-8-14. Repealed.
42-8-15, 42-8-16. Transferred.
42-8-17      Repealed.
42-8-18 to 42-8-19. Transferred.
42-8-20      Repealed.
42-8-21      Transferred.
42-8-22      Repealed.
42-8-23      Transferred.
42-8-24 to 42-8-30.1. Repealed.
42-8-31      Repealed.
42-8-32 to 42-8-38. Repealed.
42-8-39      Waste treatment requirements for kitchen and toilet facilities--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-40      Repealed.
42-8-41      Operation of boat or departure from premises without required equipment prohibited.
42-8-42      Muffler required--Use of cutouts prohibited--Racing boats excepted.
42-8-43      Repealed.
42-8-44      Repealed.
42-8-44.1      Allowable area of operation of diver in underwater activity--Display and design of diver-down flag--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-44.2      Operation of boat or other surface activity in diver's allowable area prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-44.3      Repealed.
42-8-45      Operation of boat under influence of alcohol or drugs as misdemeanor.
42-8-45.1      Arrest without a warrant--Probable cause.
42-8-45.2      Submission to breath test upon accident or violation--Chemical test.
42-8-45.3      Lawful use of drug no defense.
42-8-45.4      Amount of alcohol in blood--Presumptions.
42-8-45.5      Competent evidence not limited.
42-8-45.6      Operation of boat on public waters as consent to be tested.
42-8-45.7      Persons authorized to take breath or other bodily substance specimen--Liability.

42-8-45.8      Testing to be done under supervision of arresting officer--Breath test by person possessing permit.
42-8-45.9      Choice of additional testing.
42-8-45.10      Availability of test results.
42-8-45.11      Costs of testing and witness expenses as costs in the action.
42-8-46      Reckless operation of boat as misdemeanor.
42-8-47      Repealed.
42-8-48      Waterskiing and surfboarding prohibited during hours of darkness--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-49      Two persons required in boat towing skis or aquaplane--Exception for wide angle mirror--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-50      Skiing requirements waived for exhibitions and regattas.
42-8-51      Operation to cause collision by skier or surfboarder prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-52      Tampering with or unlawful operation of boat as misdemeanor.
42-8-53      Repealed.
42-8-54      Application for permission for regatta, race or exhibition--Conducting unauthorized event as misdemeanor.
42-8-55      Repealed.
42-8-56      Operator of boat involved in accident to render assistance to other persons--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-57      Operator of boat involved in accident to reveal identification--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-58      Notice of accident to be filed with department--Investigation of accidents--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-59      Repealed.
42-8-60      Records maintained by owners of boats for hire--Preservation and inspection of records--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-61      Repealed.
42-8-62      Transferred.
42-8-63      Application by political subdivision for special rules applicable therein.
42-8-64, 42-8-65. Repealed.
42-8-66      Enforcement of chapter by law enforcement officers--Stopping and boarding of boats.
42-8-67      Boundary waters--Concurrent jurisdiction with adjoining states.
42-8-68      Sailboards exempt.
42-8-69      Age requirement for driving certain motorboats--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-70      Repealed.
42-8-71 to 42-8-74. Transferred.
42-8-75      Repealed.
42-8-76 to 42-8-101. Transferred.
42-8-102      Personal watercraft--Rules of operation--Age requirement--Violation as misdemeanor.
42-8-103      Summons issued for violation punishable as Class 2 misdemeanor--Release upon promise to appear in court or bond--Violation as misdemeanor.

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