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49-43-1    Grain delivered to warehouse considered stored--Other arrangements--Settlement.

49-43-1.1    Definitions.

49-43-2    Delivery constitutes bailment rather than sale.

49-43-2.1    Receipt for stored grain required--Exceptions--Form--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-3    Grain stored under receipt not liable to seizure--Insolvency of bailee.

49-43-4    49-43-4. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 249, § 6.

49-43-4.1    Promulgation of rules.

49-43-4.2    License to transact business as public grain warehouse required--Violation as misdemeanor--Injunction--Civil fine.

49-43-4.3    Bond requirement--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-4.4    Issuance or denial of license.

49-43-4.5    Expiration of license--Revocation or suspension.

49-43-5    49-43-5. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 376, § 81.

49-43-5.1    Application for license--Contents--Multiple warehouses of licensee.

49-43-5.2    Application fee.

49-43-5.3    Purpose of bond--Amount--Multiple warehouses.

49-43-5.4    49-43-5.4. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 404, § 3.

49-43-5.5    Filing of other financial documents in lieu of bond.

49-43-5.6    Grounds for suspension of license.

49-43-5.7    Recovery of damages for breach of obligation under bond--Notice to commission--Time for commission response.

49-43-5.8    Possession of warehouse by commission--Notification of surety.

49-43-5.9    Claim against warehouseman--Time limitation--Notice of revocation of license.

49-43-6    49-43-6. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 376, § 81.

49-43-7    Filing of rates charged by grain warehouse--Adjustment--Nondiscrimination.

49-43-8    49-43-8. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 359, § 5.

49-43-9    Monthly reports to commission--Form and contents--Public inspection--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-10    Yearly grain measurement--Additional reports--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-10.1    49-43-10.1. Repealed by SL 2017, ch 200, § 3.

49-43-11    Duty to receive grain--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-12    49-43-12. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 376, § 81.

49-43-13    Notice of market value of grain and accrued storage charges.

49-43-14    Issuance of new receipts--Cancellation of old receipts.

49-43-15    Conditions to issuance of receipt--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-16    49-43-16. Repealed by SL 1985, ch 376, § 81.

49-43-17    Modification of warehouseman's liability prohibited.

49-43-18    Cancellation of receipt upon delivery of grain--Double delivery prohibited.

49-43-19    Partial delivery of grain--Issuance of new receipt--Terms of new receipt.

49-43-20    Division or consolidation of receipts--Cancellation of original receipt--Terms of new receipt.

49-43-21    Warehouseman prohibited from denying title of receipt holder.

49-43-22    Duty to redeliver grain.

49-43-23    Redelivery of identical grain not required--Deduction for dockage and foreign material--Guaranty respecting weight, grade, and quality.

49-43-24    49-43-24. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 359, § 6.

49-43-25    Refusal to deliver grain as theft.

49-43-26    Certificates of weight and grade to be forwarded to warehouse and available for inspection--Violation as grounds for license revocation.

49-43-27    49-43-27, 49-43-28. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 249, §§ 22, 23.

49-43-29    49-43-29. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 277, § 9.

49-43-30    49-43-30. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 15, § 168.

49-43-31    49-43-31. Obsolete.

49-43-32    Warehouseman agreeing to delivery contrary to owner's directions as misdemeanor.

49-43-33    Pooling agreements between competing warehousemen as misdemeanor.

49-43-34    49-43-34. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 251, § 24.

49-43-35    Grain bank accounts--Establishment and maintenance.

49-43-36    Open storage grain considered stored grain.

49-43-37    Insurance of grain against loss--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-38    Records to be kept in safe place--Inspection.

49-43-39    Notice of damage to or destruction of warehouse.

49-43-40    Inspection of grain warehouses--Subpoena power and examination of witnesses.

49-43-41    Civil fine for failure to give commission access to records.

49-43-42    Memorandum of adjustments.

49-43-43    Provisions regarding uniform warehouse receipts applicable.

49-43-44    Issuance of receipt for goods not actually received or under the warehouse's control as felony.

49-43-45    Issuance of receipt with false statement as misdemeanor.

49-43-46    Issuance of duplicate receipt not marked as duplicate prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as felony.

49-43-47    Receipt for goods owned by warehouse solely or with another to state ownership--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-48    Receipt to be obtained at or before delivery of goods from warehouse--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-43-49    Negotiation of receipt without disclosing lack of title or existence of lien as misdemeanor.

49-43-50    Appeal of commission decision.

49-43-51    Falsely weighing agricultural product as misdemeanor.

49-43-52    Grain and warehouse fund established.

49-43-53    Repealed.

49-43-54    Contract with independent provider to maintain electronic warehouse receipts.

49-43-55    Commission approval of independent provider--Revocation of approval.

49-43-56    Maintenance of secure electronic central filing system--Promulgation of rules.

49-43-57    Depositor right to paper warehouse receipt.

49-43-58    Commission access to central filing system--Memorandum of adjustments--Civil penalties.

49-43-59    Surrender of electronic warehouse receipt to commission--Grain receivership--Surety bond claim.

49-43-60    Independent provider to be authorized to transact business in South Dakota--Jurisdiction--Venue--Liability for costs.

49-43-61    Parent company furnishing financial statements responsible for financial obligations of licensed entity.

49-43-62    Notice to commission of grain warehouse's noncompliant financial condition--Violation as felony or misdemeanor--Civil fine.

49-43-63    Owner, manager, or chief executive officer responsible for violation is subject to criminal penalty.

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