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54-4-1    54-4-1. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 280, § 30.

54-4-2    54-4-2. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 280, § 29.

54-4-3    54-4-3 to 54-4-35. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 280, § 30.

54-4-36    Definition of terms.

54-4-37    Entities exempt from chapter provisions.

54-4-37.1    Exemption for originating, selling, servicing, or acquiring five or fewer loans in twelve-month period where total of outstanding loans under certain amount--Annual report.

54-4-38    Promulgation of rules.

54-4-39    Compliance with Title 53.

54-4-40    Application for license--Licensure through nationwide mortgage licensing system--Public records--Exemptions .

54-4-41    Rejection or acceptance of application by director.

54-4-42    Bond to be filed with application.

54-4-43    Investigation of facts concerning license application--Requirements for grant of license.

54-4-44    Engaging in business after procurement of license--Maximum finance charge--Violation as misdemeanor--Loan void.

54-4-44.1    Device, subterfuge, or pretense to evade maximum finance charge prohibited--Penalties.

54-4-44.2    Motor vehicle purchase loan--Fees incident to extension of credit.

54-4-44.3    Consumer default--Fees incident to extension of credit.

54-4-44.4    Business-to-business lending exempt.

54-4-45    Duration of license--Renewal.

54-4-46    Transfer of license--Approval required for name change.

54-4-47    Location to be licensed--Change of location.

54-4-48    Cease and desist order for practice not in conformity to requirements--Appeal.

54-4-49    Conditions, denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation of license.

54-4-50    Injunction against licensee for violation.

54-4-51    Court-appointed receivership.

54-4-52    License required.

54-4-53    Deposit of funds.

54-4-54    Payment of annual tax--Exemption.

54-4-55    Exemption from other taxes.

54-4-56    Renewal of application--Tax information--Forms.

54-4-57    Examination of records--Costs--Information--Forms--Application of other provisions.

54-4-58    Information required in contract.

54-4-59    Property insurance required.

54-4-60    Purchase of insurance not condition to receive loan.

54-4-61    Copy provided to debtor.

54-4-62    Satisfaction of loan--Release of assignments.

54-4-63    Advertising.

54-4-64    Application of chapter.

54-4-65    Limitation on renewal, rollover, or flip of short-term consumer loan--Fee.

54-4-66    Maximum amount of payday loan--Violation as misdemeanor.

54-4-67    Production of records located outside state--Alternate procedures--Designated record inspectors.

54-4-68    Appointment of resident agent for service of process--Notice.

54-4-69    Consent to be sued--Form.

54-4-70    Title loans to be evidenced by written agreement--Possession of certification of title--Application of statutes on secured transactions.

54-4-71    Term of title loan--Renewal--Payment amounts--Deferred principal amount.

54-4-72    Default in repayment of title loan--Remedy--Exception--Sale of reposed vehicle--Refund of surplus less expenses.

54-4-73    Debt cancellation contract defined.

54-4-74    Debt suspension contract defined.

54-4-75    Debt cancellation contracts and debt suspension contracts permitted.

54-4-76    Loans by unlicensed lenders uncollectible except for principal.

54-4-77    Debt collection--Prohibitions.

54-4-77.1    Exemptions not applicable to prohibited debt-collection tactics.

54-4-78    Use of nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry for requesting and distributing information.

54-4-79    Contracts for collection and maintenance of records and processing of fees.

54-4-80    Sharing of information collected by director.

54-4-81    Attorney's fees recoverable if provided for in evidence of debt.

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