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57A-2A-101      Short title.
57A-2A-102      Scope.
57A-2A-103      Definitions and index of definitions.
57A-2A-104      Leases subject to other statutes.
57A-2A-105      Territorial application of article to goods covered by certificate of title.
57A-2A-106      Limitation on power of parties to consumer lease to choose applicable law and judicial forum.
57A-2A-107      Waiver or renunciation of claim or right after default.
57A-2A-108      Unconscionability.
57A-2A-109      Repealed.


57A-2A-201      Statute of frauds.
57A-2A-202      Final written expression: parol or extrinsic evidence.
57A-2A-203      Seals inoperative.
57A-2A-204      Formation in general.
57A-2A-205      Firm offers.
57A-2A-206      Offer and acceptance in formation of lease contract.
57A-2A-207      Repealed.
57A-2A-208      Modification, rescission and waiver.
57A-2A-209      Lessee under finance lease as beneficiary of supply contract.
57A-2A-210      Express warranties.
57A-2A-211      Warranties against interference and against infringement; lessee's obligation against infringement.
57A-2A-212      Implied warranty of merchantability.
57A-2A-213      Implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose.
57A-2A-214      Exclusion or modification of warranties.
57A-2A-215      Cumulation and conflict of warranties express or implied.
57A-2A-216      Third party beneficiaries of express and implied warranties.
57A-2A-217      Identification.
57A-2A-218      Insurance and proceeds.
57A-2A-219      Risk of loss.
57A-2A-220      Effect of default on risk of loss.
57A-2A-221      Casualty to identified goods.

57A-2A-301      Enforceability of lease contract.
57A-2A-302      Title to and possession of goods.
57A-2A-303      Alienability of party's interest under lease contract or of lessor's residual interest in goods; delegation of performance; assignment of rights.
57A-2A-304      Subsequent lease of goods by lessor.
57A-2A-305      Sale or sublease of goods by lessee.
57A-2A-306      Priority of certain liens arising by operation of law.
57A-2A-307      Priority of liens arising by attachment or levy on, security interests in, and other claims to goods.
57A-2A-308      Special rights of creditors.
57A-2A-309      Lessor's and lessee's rights when goods become fixtures.
57A-2A-310      Lessor's and lessee's rights when goods become accessions.
57A-2A-401      Insecurity: adequate assurance of performance.
57A-2A-402      Anticipatory repudiation.
57A-2A-403      Retraction of anticipatory repudiation.
57A-2A-404      Substituted performance.
57A-2A-405      Excused performance.
57A-2A-406      Procedure on excused performance.
57A-2A-407      Irrevocable promises: finance leases.

57A-2A-501      Default procedure.
57A-2A-502      Notice after default.
57A-2A-503      Modification or impairment of rights and remedies.
57A-2A-504      Liquidation of damages.
57A-2A-505      Cancellation and termination and effect of cancellation, termination, rescission, or fraud on rights and remedies.
57A-2A-506      Statute of limitations.
57A-2A-507      Proof of market rent: time and place.
57A-2A-508      Lessee's remedies.
57A-2A-509      Lessee's rights on improper delivery--Rightful rejection.
57A-2A-510      Installment lease contracts: rejection and default.
57A-2A-511      Merchant lessee's duties as to rightfully rejected goods.
57A-2A-512      Lessee's duties as to rightfully rejected goods.
57A-2A-513      Cure by lessor of improper delivery--Replacement.
57A-2A-514      Waiver of lessee's objections.
57A-2A-515      Acceptance of goods.
57A-2A-516      Effect of acceptance of goods--Notice of default--Burden of establishing default after acceptance--Notice of claim or litigation to person answerable over.
57A-2A-517      Revocation of acceptance of goods.
57A-2A-518      Cover--Substitute goods.
57A-2A-519      Lessee's damages for nondelivery, repudiation, default and breach of warranty in regard to accepted goods.
57A-2A-520      Lessee's incidental and consequential damages.
57A-2A-521      Lessee's right to specific performance or replevin.
57A-2A-522      Lessee's right to goods on lessor's insolvency.
57A-2A-523      Lessor's rights.
57A-2A-524      Lessor's right to identify goods to lease contract.
57A-2A-525      Lessor's right to possession of goods.
57A-2A-526      Lessor's stoppage of delivery in transit or otherwise.
57A-2A-527      Lessor's rights to dispose of goods.
57A-2A-528      Lessor's damages for nonacceptance or repudiation.
57A-2A-529      Lessor's action for a rent.
57A-2A-530      Lessor's incidental damages.
57A-2A-530.1      Lessor's right to recover for damage to residual interest.
57A-2A-531      Standing to sue third parties for injury to goods.

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