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58-33-1      Purposes of chapter.
58-33-2      Unfair method or deceptive act as misdemeanor.
58-33-3      Acts constituting unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive practices.
58-33-4      Use of misleading name as misdemeanor.
58-33-5      Misrepresentation or false advertising of policies as misdemeanor.
58-33-5.1      Rules to promote proper disclosure of terms and conditions of life insurance policies.
58-33-6      False information or advertising as misdemeanor.
58-33-7      Defamation as misdemeanor.
58-33-8      Twisting as misdemeanor.
58-33-9      False entry with intent to deceive--Omission of true entry--Misdemeanor.
58-33-10      False financial statement as misdemeanor.
58-33-11      Stock operations and advisory board contracts as inducement--Misdemeanor.
58-33-12      Unfair discrimination as misdemeanor--Life insurance and annuities.
58-33-12.1      Blindness as basis for life insurance termination, modification or refusal--Unfair practice.
58-33-13      Unfair discrimination as misdemeanor--Health insurance.
58-33-13.1      Sex or marital status discrimination prohibited--Exceptions.
58-33-13.2      Definition of sex or marital status discrimination terms.
58-33-13.3      Domestic violence victim discrimination prohibited.
58-33-14      Rebate as misdemeanor--Life, disability and annuity contracts.
58-33-15      Insurance not to be used to induce purchases of commodities or services--Misdemeanor.
58-33-16      Credit life insurance permitted as inducement for purchases.
58-33-17      Bonus to policyholder from accumulated surplus on life or annuity policy not discrimination or rebate.
58-33-18      Allowance to industrial policyholder for making payments to office of insurer permitted.
58-33-19      Readjustment of premium rate permitted for group policy based on loss or expense experience.
58-33-20      Reduction of premium rate permitted for large policies.
58-33-21      Reduced rate permitted for life or health insurance policies or annuity contracts on payroll deduction plan.
58-33-22      Increase in health insurance benefits by maintaining policy in force permitted.
58-33-23      Life insurance benefits paid to beneficiary--Payment to tradesman or businessman as misdemeanor--Use of life insurance to pay costs of funeral--Fraternal benefit societies.
58-33-24      Rebate, discount, or special advantage as misdemeanor--Exception.
58-33-25      Acceptance by insured of rebate, discount or special advantage as misdemeanor.
58-33-26      Unfair discrimination as to terms and conditions of insurance as misdemeanor.
58-33-27      Compensation to insurance producers permitted--Allowance or return of dividends, savings, or unabsorbed premium deposits permitted.
58-33-28, 58-33-29.      Repealed.
58-33-30      Provisions not applicable to life or health insurance or annuities.

58-33-31      Favored insurance producer or insurer as misdemeanor.
58-33-32      Boycott, coercion, or intimidation as misdemeanor.
58-33-33      Interlocking ownership or management permitted.
58-33-34      Directorship in two or more insurers permitted.
58-33-35      Collection of premium for insurance not provided as misdemeanor.
58-33-36      Illegal dealing in premiums and improper charges as misdemeanors.
58-33-37      False application as misdemeanor--False claim or proof of loss as misdemeanor or felony.
58-33-37.1      Aggregation of false claims or applications committed pursuant to one course of conduct.
58-33-38      Undefined unfair or deceptive practice--Findings by director.
58-33-39      Action to restrain violation found by director--Record of hearing received in evidence.
58-33-40      Cease and desist order of director.
58-33-41      Appeal from director's order.
58-33-42      Finality of cease and desist order--Appeal by intervener.
58-33-43      Affirmance of order of director--Order of court for obedience.
58-33-44      Liabilities and penalties not relieved by director's or court order.
58-33-45      Violation of desist order as misdemeanor.
58-33-46      Imposition of penalty not prevented by cease and desist order.
58-33-46.1      Civil action for damages resulting from unfair or prohibited act--Attorneys' fees.
58-33-47      Process against unauthorized insurers for false advertising--Purpose of provisions.
58-33-48      Definition of terms.
58-33-49      Unlawful advertising by unauthorized insurer as misdemeanor--Notice to insurance supervisory official of domiciliary state.
58-33-50      Action by director on failure of insurer to cease false advertising after notice.
58-33-51      Acts constituting appointment of director as process agent.
58-33-52      Service of process on director, copies delivered--Mailing of copy to defendant.
58-33-53      Service of process on agent of insurer.
58-33-54      Additional method of service of process and notice.
58-33-55      Waiting period before entry of default order or judgment.
58-33-56      Liberal construction of process provisions.
58-33-57      Severability of provisions.
58-33-58      Citation of provisions for process against unauthorized insurers for false advertising.
58-33-59      Cancellation of insurance--Definitions.
58-33-60      Notice of cancellation required--Time--Contents.
58-33-61      Grounds for cancellation.
58-33-62      Complaint of violation to division--Determination of reasonableness--Hearing.
58-33-63      Reinstatement and money penalty for violation.
58-33-64      Immunity from liability for statements concerning cancellation.
58-33-65      Automobile policies exempt.
58-33-65.1      Private remedy or right of action prohibited.
58-33-66      Unfair or deceptive insurance practices.
58-33-67      Unfair or deceptive practices in dealing with insured.
58-33-68      Factors considered in determining action taken against violator--Failure to remedy situation--Administrative action.
58-33-69      No private right of action.
58-33-70      Definitions--Aftermarket crash parts.
58-33-71      Use of nonoriginal equipment manufacturer's aftermarket crash parts to repair vehicle--Consumer to be advised in writing--Estimate and disclosure document.
58-33-72, 58-33-73. Repealed.
58-33-74      Gifts for advertising or promotional programs.
58-33-75      Definitions.
58-33-76      Notification of suspected fraud.
58-33-77      Accessibility of information relevant to suspected fraud--Types of information.
58-33-78      Time limit on information to and from authorized agency.
58-33-79      Liability of supplier of information.
58-33-80      Liability of those who supply information or testify as to fraud.
58-33-81      Notification to policyholder of request for information.
58-33-82      Confidentiality of information regarding suspected fraud--Testimony by authorized agency personnel.
58-33-83      Refund of unearned life and health insurance premiums on canceled policy--Exceptions.
58-33-84      Refund of unearned life and health insurance premiums on canceled policy due to death of insured--Exceptions.
58-33-85      Health insurers prohibited from denying enrollment of dependent child on certain grounds.
58-33-86      Prohibitions against a health insurer from using information pertaining to medical assistance eligibility.
58-33-87      Payments of health insurance benefits for medical assistance recipients.
58-33-88      Health insurance for dependent child through noncustodial parent's insurer.
58-33-89      Reporting regulatory activities and complaint handling.
58-33-90      Sale of securities by unregistered insurance producer prohibited.
58-33-91      Sale of unregistered securities by insurance producer prohibited.
58-33-92      Sale of unregistered business opportunity by insurance producer prohibited.
58-33-93      Definitions relating to multiple employer welfare arrangements.
58-33-94      Acts constituting transaction of insurance business in or from state.
58-33-95      Transacting of insurance defined.
58-33-96      Unauthorized health insurance defined.
58-33-97      Exclusions from unauthorized health insurance.
58-33-98      Notification of division required concerning unauthorized health insurance product--Review of division website--Stop loss insurers.
58-33-99      Circumstances in which licensee should know product is unauthorized health insurance.
58-33-100      Confidentiality of notifications--Use of information in legal and regulatory actions.
58-33-101      Disclosure of information to agencies of other states or federal government--Conditions--Immunity from civil liability.
58-33-102      Due diligence investigation required of insurance producer before offering health benefit plan.
58-33-103      Due diligence investigation required of insurance producer before submitting stop loss policy application for health benefit plan.
58-33-104      Due diligence investigation required of third party administrator before entering into any administrative contract for health benefit plan.
58-33-105      Due diligence investigation required of insurer before issuing stop loss policy for health benefit plan.
58-33-106      Requirements for engaging in transacting of insurance by issuing stop loss policy.
58-33-107      Written disclosures required before issuing contract for stop loss policy.
58-33-108      Due diligence investigation required of preferred provider organization before contracting with offeror or provider of health benefit plan.
58-33-109      Defenses available to person who acts according to written advice of MEWA contact.
58-33-110      Circumstances mitigating violation of §§ 58-33-102 to 58-33-108.
58-33-111      Due diligence not required with respect to unassisted health benefit plan where not engaged in transacting of insurance.
58-33-112      Documented supervision procedures and controls.
58-33-113      Continuing education--Summary of supervision procedures and controls.
58-33-114      Suspension or revocation of registration of preferred provider organization for violation--Other action to assure future compliance.
58-33-115      Inapplicability to joint powers agreements.
58-33-116      Inapplicability to arrangements not issued to person in state or solicited in state.
58-33-117      Definition of terms.
58-33-118      Solicitation or sale of life insurance or annuity to active duty service member.
58-33-119      Certain solicitations and sales excluded.
58-33-120      Education of members of armed forces in accordance with Department of Defense instruction permitted.
58-33-121      Certain advertisements and marketing exempt--Face-to-face meetings not exempt.
58-33-122      Life insurance solicitation practices on military installation considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-123      Insurer practices using armed forces personnel or programs considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-124      Additional practices using personnel, services, or programs of the armed forces or depository institutions considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-125      Misleading as to endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by armed forces or government agency considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-126      Using the credited interest rate as net return or misrepresenting mortality costs considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-127      Practices regarding Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance or Veterans' Group Life Insurance considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-128      Certain disclosure practices considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-129      Certain additional life insurance sales practices considered false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.
58-33-130      Promulgation of rules.
58-33-131      Employer insurance assistance program defined.
58-33-132      Construction with statutes regarding rebates, discounts, and special advantages.
58-33-133      Employer insurance assistance program offerings to be in writing--Certain monetary payments prohibited .
58-33-134      Promulgation of rules for employer insurance assistance programs.
58-33-135      Unfair or deceptive practices by pharmacy benefits manager.

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