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1.      Legislative power--Initiative and referendum.
2.      Number of legislators--Regular sessions.
3.      Qualifications for legislative office--Officers ineligible.
4.      Disqualification for conviction of crime--Defaults on public money.
5.      Legislative reapportionment.
6.      Legislative terms of office--Compensation--Regular sessions.
7.      Convening of annual sessions.
8.      Oath required of legislators and officers--Forfeiture of office for false swearing.
9.      Each house as judge of qualifications--Quorum--Rules of proceedings--Officers and employees.
10.      Filling legislative vacancies.
11.      Legislators' privilege from arrest--Freedom of debate.
12.      Legislators ineligible for other office--Contracts with state or county.
13.      Legislative journals--Recording of yeas and nays.
14.      Elections viva voce.
15.      Open legislative sessions--Exception.
16.      Adjournment of legislative houses.
17.      Reading of bills.
18.      Enacting clause--Assent by majority--Recording of votes.
19.      Signing of bills and resolutions.
20.      Origin of bills--Amendment in other house.
21.      One subject expressed in title.
22.      Effective date of acts--Emergency clause.
23.      Private and special laws prohibited.
24.      Release of debt to state or municipality.
25.      Games of chance prohibited--Exceptions.
26.      Municipal powers denied to private organizations.
27.      Suits against the state.
28.      Bribery and corrupt solicitation of officers--Compelling testimony--Immunity from prosecution.
29.      Legislative powers in emergency from enemy attack.
30.      Power of committee of Legislature to suspend administrative rules and regulations.
31.      Convening of special sessions upon petition.
32.      Term limitations for United States congressmen.

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