10-4-9.4Congregate housing facility owned by nonprofit corporation, organization, or society exempt--Conditions.

Any congregate housing facility owned by a corporation, organization, or society is exempt from certain property taxes, if the facility provides certain health care services and is recognized as an exempt nonprofit corporation, organization, or society under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, as defined by § 10-1-47, and if none of its assets are available to any private interest. A congregate housing facility does provide health care services if the facility is an independent group-living environment operated and owned by a health care facility licensed pursuant to chapter 34-12 which offers a continuum of care, residential accommodations, and supporting services primarily for persons at least sixty-two years of age or disabled as defined pursuant to chapter 10-6A. Supporting services include the ability to provide health care and a food service that satisfies a balanced nutrition program. As part of the statement required by § 10-4-19, the owner of the congregate housing facility shall submit a statement to the county director of equalization listing the health care services provided and method used to satisfy the balanced nutrition program.

In addition, no owner may apply for a property tax exemption for a congregate housing facility constructed after July 1, 2004, unless the congregate housing facility:

(1)    Consists of two or more individual housing units located within one structure; and

(2)    Not more than twenty-five percent of the individual housing units exceed fifteen hundred square feet.

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