12-19-1      Absentee ballot--Persons entitled to vote.
12-19-1.1      Affirmation of address by voter in inactive registration file.
12-19-1.2      Time for absentee voting.
12-19-2      Application for absentee ballot--Contents--Address to which ballot sent--Stamping date of receipt--Delivery.
12-19-2.1      Application in person or by authorized messenger--Delivery of ballot to messenger or by mail.
12-19-2.2      Authorized messenger for more than one voter.
12-19-2.3      Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act--Application or request for absentee ballot.
12-19-2.4      Multiple applications or requests for ballots and multiple ballots--Application.
12-19-2.5      Form of application for absentee ballot and combined application/return envelope.
12-19-2.6      Preference and selection of ballot style for independent in primary election.
12-19-3      Forwarding of ballot to voter--Instructions and return envelope.
12-19-4      Voter's statement on return envelope--Federal service voting forms.
12-19-5      Mailing of ballot and enclosures to voter--Free air mail for federal service voters.
12-19-6      Repealed.
12-19-7      Marking and folding ballot--Officer before whom marked--Mailing or delivering ballot.
12-19-7.1      Candidates and election officials not to serve as authorized messenger.
12-19-7.2      Display of campaign material by messenger as misdemeanor.
12-19-8      Repealed.
12-19-9      Delivery of absentee ballot--Personal delivery when transmission time insufficient--Receipt.
12-19-9.1      Nursing facility, assisted living center, or hospital having multiple absentee ballot requests.
12-19-9.2      Marking and return of ballot on death of voter before opening of polls .
12-19-10      Preservation and delivery of ballot to precinct superintendent--Comparison of statement and application--Deposit in ballot box--Unopened ballots--Unauthorized examination as misdemeanor.
12-19-10.1      County auditor validation of absentee ballot signatures.
12-19-11      Preservation and return of application and return envelope.
12-19-12      Delivery of absentee ballot to polling place after close of polls.
12-19-13      Repealed.
12-19-14      Unlawful disposition of ballot or ballot link as misdemeanor.
12-19-15 to 12-19-22.      Repealed.
12-19-23      Repealed.
12-19-24 to 12-19-31.      Repealed.
12-19-32      Ballot not invalidated by federal censorship.
12-19-33      Failure to deliver or tampering with ballot as felony.
12-19-34      Informalities do not invalidate election--Liberal construction.
12-19-35, 12-19-36.      Repealed.
12-19-37      Absentee ballot precincts--Creation--Absentee ballot counting board.
12-19-38      Appointment of absentee ballot counting board--Number of members.

12-19-39      Oath of board members--Compensation.
12-19-40      Repealed.
12-19-41      Powers and duties of absentee ballot counting board.
12-19-42      Envelope containing voted ballots kept closed--Delivery to county board.
12-19-43      Review of absentee voters' affidavits prior to closing of polls--Counting or processing of ballots.
12-19-44      Counting process open.
12-19-45      Record of applicants' names, addresses, and voting precincts--Delivery to counting board--Record of authorized messengers.
12-19-46      Commencement of count when polls close--Place.
12-19-47      Processing of absentee ballots.
12-19-48      Delivery of absentee ballot after polls are closed.
12-19-49      Death of absentee voter prior to opening of polls--Ballot returned to person in charge--Election not invalidated by casting of ballot.
12-19-50      Forms for recording tally--Special pollbook--Tally added to home precinct totals.
12-19-51      Repealed.
12-19-52      Electronic voting systems.
12-19-53      Contracting for services of county auditor from another county.
12-19-54      Payment for assisting voters based on number of voters assisted prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
12-19-55      Receipt of payment for assisting voters based on number of voters assisted prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.