13-27-1      Responsibility of person controlling child for school attendance--High school equivalency test preparation program--Kindergarten--Transfer from another state.
13-27-1.2      Promulgation of rules on high school equivalency testing.
13-27-1.1      Religious exemption after eighth grade.
13-27-2      Child excused from school.
13-27-3      Child excused if provided alternative instruction--Notification--Investigation--Revocation--Restrictions--Testing.
13-27-3.1      Birth certificate or affidavit to be submitted--Violation as misdemeanor.
13-27-3.2      Maintenance of birth certificate by school as permanent record.
13-27-3.3      Report to district school board of children for whom birth certificate not furnished--Board to notify state's attorney.
13-27-3.4      Certified copy of birth certificate to be provided to certain persons at no cost.
13-27-4, 13-27-5.      Repealed.
13-27-6      Child excused because of illness in family.
13-27-6.1      Student excused from attendance--Events of state, youth programs, and work as precinct election official.
13-27-7      Notification for excuse from attendance--Certificate of excuse--Revocation.
13-27-8      Appeal on attendance matters to state board--Burden of proof--Finality of decision.
13-27-9      Record of certificates of excuse from attendance--Copies to secretary and place of instruction.
13-27-10      Repealed.
13-27-11      Failure to send child to school as misdemeanor.
13-27-12      Repealed.
13-27-13      Repealed.
13-27-14      Truancy officer employed by district--Duties--President of board acting where no officer employed.
13-27-15      Attendance records maintained by superintendent or president of board--Reports required.
13-27-16      Warnings by school boards to send children to school--Report to truancy officer.
13-27-17      Investigations and records of truancy officer.
13-27-18      Neglect of duty by superintendent, president of board, school board, or truancy officer--Harboring or employment of truant child--Hindering attendance by child--Misdemeanor.
13-27-19      Power of truancy officers to apprehend truant children--Supervisory control by secretary.
13-27-20      Complaints against persons responsible for truancy--Contents of complaint--Verification.
13-27-21      Warrant for arrest of parent, guardian, or responsible person--Summons of witnesses.
13-27-22      Repealed.
13-27-23      Penalties invoked on finding of guilty.
13-27-24 to 13-27-27.      Repealed.
13-27-28      Disobedience of circuit court order as contempt.

13-27-29      Placement of child who has attended unaccredited school or alternative program--Appeal.