13-28-1      Repealed.
13-28-1.1      Enrolled student defined.
13-28-2      Kindergarten enrollment eligibility--Transfer from another state.
13-28-3      Repealed.
13-28-4      Legal age provisions applicable to public and nonpublic schools.
13-28-5      Public school privileges free to children until age twenty-one--Fee for early childhood services.
13-28-6      Continuation of privileges to pupil becoming twenty-one during school year.
13-28-7      Repealed.
13-28-7.1      Immunizations required for admission to school or early childhood program--Exceptions--Rules.
13-28-7.2      Immunizations provided at public expense.
13-28-7.3      Exclusion of student for risk of infectious disease or communicable parasite--Readmission.
13-28-8      Admission of adults resident in district without tuition.
13-28-9      School residence for free school privileges--Change of residence--Children of transferred active duty military personnel.
13-28-9.1      Residence of child assigned to special education program.
13-28-10      School residency of child residing in home other than residence of parents, guardian, or noncustodial parents--Petition to local school board.
13-28-10.1      Repealed.
13-28-11      Child residing in residential treatment center or intensive residential treatment center.
13-28-11.1 to 13-28-11.4.      Repealed.
13-28-12 to 13-28-12.2.      Repealed.
13-28-13      Repealed.
13-28-14      School privileges of persons honorably discharged from military service.
13-28-15      Assignment of elementary students within district--Factors considered--Review of board's decision.
13-28-16 to 13-28-18.      Repealed.
13-28-19      Assignment of students by school board.
13-28-19.1      Student assignment where school district dissolves and is annexed to another district.
13-28-20      Repealed.
13-28-21      Admission of nonresident students.
13-28-22      Tuition charged for students not entitled to free school privileges of district.
13-28-22.1      Repealed.
13-28-22.2      Repealed.
13-28-23      School board to pay tuition for assigned students.
13-28-24      Advance payment of tuition by student or parents--Refund if student ceases to attend.
13-28-25      Repealed.
13-28-26      Repealed.
13-28-27      Repealed.

13-28-28, 13-28-29.      Repealed.
13-28-30      Period of pupil's membership in school--Date of permanent withdrawal.
13-28-31 to 13-28-33.      Repealed.
13-28-33.1      Repealed.
13-28-33.2      Repealed.
13-28-34      Rebates and refunds to induce attendance at school as misdemeanor.
13-28-35      Tuition charges for adult education program.
13-28-36      Repealed .
13-28-37      Postsecondary enrollment--Course credit--Failing grade eliminates eligibility.
13-28-37.1      State subsidized high school dual credit program--Tuition rate--Payment of tuition and costs.
13-28-38      Repealed.
13-28-39      Payment by state of tuition costs in residential treatment centers or group care centers for minors--Tuition rate setting authority.
13-28-40      Enrollment options program established.
13-28-41      Request for transfer--Request for admission of nonresident child excused from attending in another district.
13-28-41.1      School district not required to provide transportation to student transferred within district.
13-28-42      Repealed.
13-28-42.1      Transfer of special education students--Nonresident district's responsibilities.
13-28-43      Enrollment of student in other than resident district or transfer within district--Approval and notification.
13-28-44      Standards for acceptance or rejection of application to enroll.
13-28-45      Transportation of transfer student.
13-28-46      Transfer credits .
13-28-47      Disclosure.
13-28-47.1      Return of student to resident school district or assigned school--Notice.
13-28-48      Nonresident district must serve student's grade level within district.
13-28-49      Repealed.
13-28-50      School districts to provide student mailing lists to Board of Regents and postsecondary technical institutes--Use in providing post-secondary school information--Exception .
13-28-51      Enrollment of child on partial basis upon request of parent or guardian--Alternative instruction.
13-28-52      Promulgation of rules regarding services and tuition for children residing in residential treatment centers and intensive residential treatment centers.