22-24B-1      Sex crimes defined.
22-24B-1.1      Business day defined.
22-24B-2      Registration of convicted sex offenders--Time limit--Violation as felony--Discharge.
22-24B-2.1      Sex offender registry consists of three tiers.
22-24B-3      Work defined.
22-24B-4      Attends school and attends classes defined.
22-24B-5      Annual verification form mailed to registered offender--Return of form--Failure to return form_Violation as felony.
22-24B-6      Commencement or change in enrollment or employment--Report to local law enforcement--Time limit--Violation as felony.
22-24B-7      Registration every six months--Violation as felony.
22-24B-8      Information required for sex offender registration--DNA sample--Violation as felony.
22-24B-8.1      Annual confirmation by law enforcement of residence address.
22-24B-9      Information from sex offender registry--Specifics included.
22-24B-10      Registration forwarded to Division of Criminal Investigation--Files open to public--Exceptions.
22-24B-11      Availability of sex offenders' files--Participation in National Sex Offender Public Registry.
22-24B-12      Written notice of new location or address required--Time limit--Violation as felony .
22-24B-12.1      Second or subsequent convictions.
22-24B-12.2      Notice in person of new location or address outside of state--Time limit--Violation as felony.
22-24B-13      Duty of institutions to inform convicted sex offenders of registration requirements and community safety zone restrictions.
22-24B-14      Duty of court to inform sexual offenders of registration requirement and community safety zone restrictions.
22-24B-15      Registration records and lists as public records--Confidentiality of victim identifying information.
22-24B-16      Penalties for crime committed as result of information from sex offender registry.
22-24B-17      Petition for removal from the sex offender registry--Service--Response.
22-24B-18      Petition and documentation--Contents.
22-24B-19      Criteria for removal from registry as Tier I offender.
22-24B-19.1      Criteria for removal from registry as Tier II offender.
22-24B-19.2      Tier III offender defined.
22-24B-19.3      Recidivist sex offender defined.
22-24B-20      Order for removal of name from sex offender registry--Denial of petition.
22-24B-21      Internet site with sex offender registration information--Division and registering agency not liable for good faith conduct.
22-24B-22      Definitions .
22-24B-23      Restrictions on residence within community safety zone--Violation as felony.
22-24B-23.1      Secondary registered location or address--Notification of law enforcement--Violation as misdemeanor.
22-24B-24      Loitering within community safety zone or public library prohibited--Exception--Violation as felony.
22-24B-25      Inconsistent local ordinances on residence and community access prohibited.
22-24B-26      Petition for order of exemption from safety zone restrictions--Contents--Service--Response.

22-24B-27      Eligibility for exemption from community safety zone restrictions.
22-24B-28      Order granting or denying petition--Restrictions on subsequent petition.
22-24B-29      Summary description of offense forwarded to or developed by Division of Criminal Investigation.
22-24B-30      Inmate and juvenile offender registration--Time limit--Submission to Division of Criminal Investigation--Notice of change of status.
22-24B-31      Foreign criminal conviction registration--Time limit--Violation as felony.
22-24B-32      Immunity from liability for certain good faith conduct.
22-24B-33      Eligibility for removal from registry of registrant who has committed out-of-state offense.
22-24B-34      Eligibility of registrant who has committed out-of-state offense to establish in-state residence.
22-24B-35      Registered sex offender not eligible to circulate certain nominating petitions.
22-24B-36      Sex offender to report change in vehicle registration.
22-24B-37      Report of intention to travel outside United States--Violation as misdemeanor.