40-1-1      Definition of terms.
40-1-2, 40-1-2.1. Repealed.
40-1-2.2      Repealed.
40-1-2.3      Neglect, abandonment, or mistreatment of animal--Misdemeanor.
40-1-2.4      Cruelty to animals--Felony.
40-1-2.5, 40-1-2.6. Repealed.
40-1-3, 40-1-4. Repealed.
40-1-5      Impoundment of neglected, abandoned, mistreated, or cruelly treated animal--Expenses of care as lien--Warrant or court order.
40-1-5.1      Liability of owner or caretaker for impounded animal.
40-1-6, 40-1-7. Repealed.
40-1-8      Repealed.
40-1-9      Instigation, permitting or viewing animal fight prohibited--Spectating as misdemeanor.
40-1-9, 40-1-10. Repealed.
40-1-10.1      Animal fighting exhibitions or for amusement or gain prohibited--Felony or misdemeanor.
40-1-11      Entry by officer of place where animal fight conducted--Arrest of persons present.
40-1-11.1      Seizure of fighting animals and related paraphernalia--Disposition.
40-1-12      Allowing fatally injured or diseased animal to suffer needlessly prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-1-13      Euthanasia of fatally injured or diseased animal--Notice to euthanize--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-1-14      Corporate responsibility for knowledge and acts of agents.
40-1-15      Repealed.
40-1-16      Regulated scientific experiments permitted--Inspection.
40-1-17      Exemptions from chapters 40-1 and 40-2.
40-1-18, 40-1-19. Repealed.
40-1-20      Intentionally poisoning animal of another--Misdemeanor--Exceptions.
40-1-21      Killing, injuring, or mistreating animal of another as misdemeanor--Authorized euthanasia excepted.
40-1-22      Repealed.
40-1-23      Potentially dangerous animal--Enclosure--Accompaniment by owner or caretaker--Restraint--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-1-24      Authority of officer or agent to control dangerous animal--Seizure, impoundment, or euthanasia authorized.
40-1-25      Administration and enforcement of provisions regarding livestock and dangerous animals--Promulgation of rules.
40-1-26, 40-1-27. Repealed.
40-1-28      Inspection of premises authorized.
40-1-29      Investigation procedure.
40-1-30      Records of complaints--Public inspection.
40-1-31      Liability of officer or agent.
40-1-32      Liability of parent or guardian for violation by minor.
40-1-33      Repealed.
40-1-34      Disposition of impounded animals.
40-1-35      Contract to enforce livestock provisions.

40-1-36      Unattended animals in standing or parked vehicles--Authority to remove--Liability for removal.
40-1-37      Use of weapons or tranquilizing agents to control dangerous animals.
40-1-38      Harassment of service animal accompanying disabled person prohibited.
40-1-39      Rebuttable presumption of maliciousness.
40-1-40      Harassment defined--Malicious act defined.
40-1-41      Repealed.