01.     General Provisions
01A.     South Dakota Business Corporation Act
02.     Business Corporations--Formation And General Powers [Repealed]
03.     Business Corporations--Capitalization And Distributions [Repealed]
04.     Business Corporations--Shareholders' Rights [Repealed]
05.     Business Corporations--Directors, Officers And Agents [Repealed]
06.     Business Corporations--Reorganization [Repealed]
07.     Business Corporations--Dissolution [Repealed]
08.     Foreign Business Corporations [Repealed]
09.     Business Corporations--Supervision By Secretary Of State [Repealed]
09A.     Corporate Farming Restrictions
10.     Business Development Credit Corporations
11.     Medical Corporations
11A.     Chiropractic Corporations
11B.     Optometric Corporations
11C.     Podiatric Corporations
11D.     Physician's Assistants Corporations
11E.     Nursing Corporations
11F.     Health Care Corporations, Limited Liability Companies And Limited Liability Partnerships
12.     Dental Corporations
13.     Veterinary Corporations
13A.     Professional Corporations For The Practice Of Law
13B.     Professional Corporations For The Practice Of Public Accounting
14.     Business Trusts [Repealed]
14A.     South Dakota Business Trust Act
14B.     South Dakota Foreign Business Trust Act
15.     Cooperatives--Formation And General Powers
16.     Cooperatives--Membership, Stock And Distributions
17.     Cooperatives--Directors, Officers And Employees
18.     Cooperatives--Reorganization And Dissolution
19.     Foreign Cooperatives
20.     Cooperatives--Records, Accounts And Reports
21.     Rural Electric Cooperatives
22.     Nonprofit Corporations--Formation And General Powers
23.     Nonprofit Corporations--Members, Directors, Officers And Agents
24.     Nonprofit Corporations--Records, Fiscal Affairs And Reports
25.     Nonprofit Corporations--Reorganization
25A.     Nonprofit Corporations--Domestication And Conversion
26.     Nonprofit Corporations--Dissolution And Liquidation
27.     Foreign Nonprofit Corporations
28.     Nonprofit Corporations--Supervision By Secretary Of State
29.     Cemetery Corporations
30.     Corporate Frauds And Mismanagement
31.     Securities Registration And Sales [Repealed]
31A.     Uniform Securities Act [Repealed]

31B.     Uniform Securities Act Of 2002
32.     Corporate Take-Over Offers [Repealed]
33.     South Dakota Domestic Public Corporation Takeover Act
34.     Limited Liability Companies [Repealed]
34A.     Uniform Limited Liability Company Act