5-14-23Local industrial development corporation defined--Composition--Voting control--Primary objective.

For the purposes of § 5-14-22, the term, local industrial development corporation, is an enterprise incorporated under the laws of the State of South Dakota, formed for the purpose of furthering the economic development of a community and its environs, and with authority to promote and assist in the growth and development of small business concerns in the areas covered by its operation. The corporation shall be organized as a nonprofit enterprise and shall be composed of no fewer than twenty-five members. A local industrial development corporation shall be principally composed of and controlled by persons residing or doing business in the locality. Such persons shall ordinarily constitute not less than seventy-five percent of the voting control of the local development corporation. No member of the development corporation may own in excess of twenty-five percent of the voting control in the development corporation if that member or that member's affiliated interests have direct pecuniary interest in a project involving an application under § 5-14-22. The primary objective of the local industrial development corporation is to benefit the community as measured by increased employment, payroll, business volume, and corresponding factors.

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