1-19B-1      Legislative findings--Purpose of chapter.
1-19B-1.1      Definition of terms.
1-19B-2      County and municipal historic preservation commissions--Purpose.
1-19B-3      Members of preservation commission--Terms of office--Residence.
1-19B-4      Employment of personnel.
1-19B-5      Annual special purpose tax levy--Approval by voters required.
1-19B-6      Revenue bonds authorized.
1-19B-7      Appropriations for operating expenses and acquisition and management of historic properties.
1-19B-8      Survey of local historic properties--Standards and criteria.
1-19B-9      Entry on private lands for survey--Consent required to enter building.
1-19B-10      Participation in local planning processes.
1-19B-11      Cooperation with governmental agencies.
1-19B-12      Contractual powers of preservation commission.
1-19B-13      Acquisition of historic properties.
1-19B-14      Title to property acquired--Supervision and control.
1-19B-15      Maintenance and operation of historic properties.
1-19B-16      Acquisition of historical easements.
1-19B-17      Lease or disposition of historic properties--Rights reserved.
1-19B-18      Educational and interpretive programs.
1-19B-19      Recommendations and information to governing body.
1-19B-20      Ordinances designating historic properties--Criteria--Procedure.
1-19B-21      Investigation and report before designation of historic property.
1-19B-22      Hearing on designation of historic property--Notice.
1-19B-23      Ordinance enforcing waiting period--Posting of sign.
1-19B-24      Notification to owners of historic property designated--Filing of ordinance.
1-19B-25      Notice to director of equalization of designation of historic property--Consideration in appraisal.
1-19B-26      Transfer by owners of development rights in historic properties.
1-19B-27      Notice by owner before demolition or alteration of historic property--Waiting period--Negotiations by commission.
1-19B-28      Negotiations during waiting period for acquisition of historic property.
1-19B-29      Waiver of waiting period when preservation of character of property ensured.
1-19B-30      Reduction of waiting period for extreme hardship.
1-19B-31      Ordinary maintenance and repairs not prohibited--Changes required for public safety.
1-19B-32      Establishment of district study committee authorized.
1-19B-33      Composition of district study committee--Residence of members.
1-19B-34      Investigations by district study committee--Criteria.
1-19B-35      Report of findings by district study committee.
1-19B-36      Hearing on establishment of historic district--Notice to property owners.
1-19B-37      Final recommendations by study committee--Draft ordinance.
1-19B-38      Establishment of historic district by ordinance--Commission required.
1-19B-39      Amendment of historic district ordinance--Studies and reports.
1-19B-40      Composition of district commission--Residence of members--Terms of office--Chair and vice chair.
1-19B-41      Promulgation of regulations--Personnel--Gifts.
1-19B-42      Certificate of appropriateness required for exterior alterations in historic district.

1-19B-43      Exterior features defined.
1-19B-44      Interior arrangement not subject to control--Restriction on commission activities.
1-19B-45      Certificate of appropriateness required for change in use within historic district--Prerequisite to zoning change.
1-19B-46      Certificate issued in case of extreme hardship.
1-19B-47      Notice and hearing before action on certificate of appropriateness.
1-19B-48      Issuance of certificate when proposed change appropriate.
1-19B-49      Denial of certificate--Reasons recorded--Notice to applicant.
1-19B-50      Appeal to circuit court by applicant for certificate.
1-19B-51      Maintenance and repairs not changing appearance permitted--Correction of unsafe conditions.
1-19B-52      Ordinances to prevent deterioration by neglect--Misdemeanor.
1-19B-53      Governing body's power to protect historic properties.
1-19B-54      Exemption of historic properties from health and building codes.
1-19B-55      Public regulation or acquisition of historic properties unimpaired.
1-19B-56      Conservation easements--Definitions.
1-19B-57      Conservation easement creation, modification, transfer, and termination.
1-19B-58      Actions affecting conservation easements.
1-19B-59      Validity of conservation easements.
1-19B-60      Application to conservation easements.
1-19B-61      Rejected.
1-19B-62      Ordinance requiring review of undertakings which will encroach upon, damage or destroy historic property.