1-27-1      Public records open to inspection and copying.
1-27-1.1      Public records defined.
1-27-1.2      Fees for specialized service.
1-27-1.3      Liberal construction of public access to public records law--Certain criminal investigation and contract negotiation records exempt.
1-27-1.4      Denial letters to be kept on file.
1-27-1.5      Certain records not open to inspection and copying.
1-27-1.6      Certain financial, commercial, and proprietary information exempt from disclosure.
1-27-1.7      Certain drafts, notes, and memoranda exempt from disclosure.
1-27-1.8      Certain records relevant to court actions exempt from disclosure.
1-27-1.9      Documents or communications used for decisional process arising from person's official duties not subject to compulsory disclosure.
1-27-1.10      Redaction of certain information.
1-27-1.11      Subscription or license holder list of Department of Game, Fish and Parks and certain insurance applicant and policyholder information available for fee--Resale or redistribution prohibited--Misdemeanor.
1-27-1.12      Chapter inapplicable to Unified Judicial System.
1-27-1.13      Certain records not available to inmates.
1-27-1.14      Redaction of records in office of register of deeds not required.
1-27-1.15      Immunity for good faith denial or provision of record.
1-27-1.16      Material relating to open meeting agenda item to be available--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
1-27-1.17      Draft minutes of public meeting to be available--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
1-27-1.18      Recommendations, findings, and reports of appointed working groups to be reported in open meeting--Action by governing body.
1-27-1.19      Public access to records of former Governors and lieutenant governors.
1-27-1.20      Exempt records to be opened upon death or ten years after leaving office.
1-27-1.21      Right of former Governor and lieutenant governor to approve or deny release of exempt records .
1-27-1.22      Agreement for transfer of records to suitable repository.
1-27-1.23      Settlement agreements to be public records--Redaction of victim information--Temporary confidentiality for ongoing litigation.
1-27-2      Repealed.
1-27-3      Records declared confidential or secret.
1-27-4      Format of open record.
1-27-4.1      Format of written contracts--Storage with records retention officer or designee--Duration.
1-27-4.2      Availability of contract through internet website or database.
1-27-5      Repealed.
1-27-6 to 1-27-8. Repealed.
1-27-9      Records management programs--Definition of terms.
1-27-10      Records as property of state--Damage or disposal only as authorized by law.
1-27-11      Board to supervise destruction of records--State records manager as ex officio member--Permission required for destruction.
1-27-11.1      Direction and supervision of board by Bureau of Administration--Independent functions retained.

1-27-12      State records management program to be established.
1-27-12.1      Records management internal service fund.
1-27-13      Records management procedures proposed by state agencies.
1-27-14      Obsolete records listed by state agencies.
1-27-14.1      Transfer of records by outgoing agency heads--Terminated agency records.
1-27-14.2      Transfer of jeopardized nonessential agency material to state archivist.
1-27-14.3      Title to transferred records pending formal transfer.
1-27-15      Destruction of nonrecord materials.
1-27-16      Rules, standards, and procedures.
1-27-17      Legislative and judicial records management programs.
1-27-18      Local records management programs.
1-27-19      Annual meeting to authorize destruction of political subdivision records--Record of disposition.
1-27-20      Common language used in public documents, records, and meetings--Official indigenous language.
1-27-21      Public document or record defined--Public meeting.
1-27-22      Application of English as common language requirement.
1-27-23      Repealed.
1-27-24      Effect of common language requirement on state employment.
1-27-25      Common language requirements not applicable to private activities.
1-27-26      Repealed.
1-27-27      Requesting information or data from a state agency.
1-27-28      Definition of terms.
1-27-29      Disclosure of information concerning private entity restricted.
1-27-30      Confidentiality of proprietary or trade information of private entity.
1-27-31      Circumstances allowing for disclosure of information concerning private entity.
1-27-32      Disclosure of confidential information as misdemeanor.
1-27-33      Specific public access or confidentiality provisions not superseded by chapter provisions.
1-27-34      Unified Judicial System and Public Utilities Commission exempt from certain records procedures.
1-27-35      Informal requests for disclosure of records--Costs of retrieval or reproduction.
1-27-36      Estimate of retrieval and reproduction cost--Waiver or reduction of fee.
1-27-37      Written request for disclosure of records.
1-27-38      Civil action or administrative review of denial of written request or estimate of fees.
1-27-39      Response to notice of review.
1-27-40      Findings and decision of Office of Hearing Examiners.
1-27-40.1      Time for compliance with decision or appeal.
1-27-40.2      Costs, disbursements, and civil penalty for unreasonable, bad faith denial of access.
1-27-41      Appeal.
1-27-42      Public record officer for the state, county, municipality, township, school district, special district, or other entity.
1-27-43      Form of notice of review--Office of Hearing Examiners' notice.
1-27-44      Restriction on internet use of social security numbers by state agencies and political subdivisions.
1-27-45      Searchable internet website for posting and access of public records and financial information.
1-27-46      Contracts to be displayed on searchable internet website.
1-27-47      Affordability of public access to electronic records database.
1-27-48      Documentation regarding information stored in electronic records system.