1-27-1.6Certain financial, commercial, and proprietary information exempt from disclosure.

The following financial, commercial, and proprietary information is specifically exempt from disclosure pursuant to §§ 1-27-1 to 1-27-1.15, inclusive:

(1)    Valuable formulae, designs, drawings, computer source code or object code, and research data invented, discovered, authored, developed, or obtained by any agency if disclosure would produce private gain or public loss;

(2)    Financial information supplied by or on behalf of a person, firm, or corporation for the purpose of qualifying to submit a bid or proposal;

(3)    Financial and commercial information and records supplied by private persons pertaining to export services;

(4)    Financial and commercial information and records supplied by businesses or individuals as part of an application for loans or program services or application for economic development loans or program services;

(5)    Financial and commercial information, including related legal assistance and advice, supplied to or developed by the state investment council or the division of investment if the information relates to investment strategies or research, potential investments, or existing investments of public funds;

(6)    Proprietary data, trade secrets, or other information that relates to:

(a)    A vendor's unique methods of conducting business;

(b)    Data unique to the product or services of the vendor; or

(c)    Determining prices or rates to be charged for services, submitted by any vendor to any public body;

(7)    Financial, commercial, and proprietary information supplied in conjunction with applications or proposals for funded scientific research, for participation in joint scientific research projects, for projects to commercialize scientific research results, or for use in conjunction with commercial or government testing;

(8)    Any production records, mineral assessments, and trade secrets submitted by a permit holder, mine operator, or landowner to any public body.

Source: SL 2009, ch 10, § 7.