1-6-1State seal adopted--Requirements for reproductions--Violations.

There is hereby adopted as the official colored seal of the State of South Dakota, a reproduction of the seal, described in article XXI, section 1 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, and made in conformity with the Constitution. The proportions and colored detail are set out specifically in accord with an original painting of the great seal produced by John G. Moisan of Fort Pierre and shall be the basis for all reproductions of the great seal of the State of South Dakota. Any replica, facsimile, or reproduction of the state seal that is greater than one inch in diameter and used for an official purpose or a for-profit commercial use shall be a representation of the full and complete seal based upon S.D. Const., Art. XXI, § 1 and this section and shall include the state motto "Under God The People Rule." These requirements do not infringe upon or limit any artistic or satirical use of the seal. The secretary of state shall conduct an investigation for any violation of this section. If the secretary of state confirms that a violation has been committed, the secretary of state shall issue a cease and desist letter.

Source: SL 1961, ch 291, § 1; SL 1987, ch 2, § 1; SL 2018, ch 6, § 1.