11-6-1      Definition of terms.
11-6-2      Planning and zoning commission required in municipality--Comprehensive plan to be effected.
11-6-3      Contract for county planning and zoning services--Fees--Powers of county commission--Designation of planning commission--Contracts for special services.
11-6-4      Repealed.
11-6-4.1      Temporary addition to planning commission of resident of affected outside area.
11-6-4.2      Repealed.
11-6-5, 11-6-6.      Repealed.
11-6-7      Employees appointed by city council--Contracts for special services.
11-6-8      Information furnished by public officials--Examinations and surveys--General powers of commission.
11-6-9      Expenditures of planning and zoning commission--Funds, equipment and accommodations.
11-6-10      Territorial extent of powers granted by chapter--Electrical service areas not affected.
11-6-11      Territorial extent of general zoning powers--Express provision as to extraterritorial operation--Division of overlapping extraterritorial zones.
11-6-12      Joint zoning in concurrent jurisdiction of first or second class municipality and county--Recommendation of each planning commission required--Time allowed for recommendation.
11-6-12.1      Joint meeting to act on recommendations--County concurrence required for municipal extraterritorial powers--Petition for relinquishment of zoning jurisdiction.
11-6-13      Repealed.
11-6-13.1      Repealed.
11-6-13.2      Referendum applicable--Time of election on referred measures.
11-6-14      Preparation of comprehensive plan for municipal development--Contents of plan--Changes or additions.
11-6-15      Surveys and studies in preparation of comprehensive plan--Purposes of plan.
11-6-16      Plan proposed as a whole or in part.
11-6-17      Public hearing required before recommendation of plan to council--Notice--Submission.
11-6-18      Vote required for adoption of plan--Notice and hearing--Reference to maps and descriptive matters--Signature of mayor--Ordinance subject to publication and protest provisions.
11-6-18.1      Filing of action adopting comprehensive plan.
11-6-18.2      Summary of city council action to be published--Notice of public inspection.
11-6-18.3      Referendum applicable to comprehensive plan--Revision of rejected plan--Adoption.
11-6-19 to 11-6-23. Repealed.
11-6-24      Recommendation and adoption of building and setback regulations--Public hearing and notice required.
11-6-25      Board of adjustment to consider variances in hardship cases--Municipal planning and zoning adjustment provisions apply.
11-6-26      Subdivisions outside municipal corporate limits not approved pursuant to § 11-3-6.
11-6-26.1      Review and recommendation by county commission when land subject to joint municipal-county jurisdiction--Vote of city council required upon disapproval by county commission--Board may designate county official to make recommendation to city council in lieu of county commission.
11-6-27      Recommendation and adoption of subdivision regulations--Purposes of regulations--Notice and public hearing required.
11-6-28      Streets and utilities covered by subdivision regulations--Provision for tentative approval of plats.
11-6-29      Bond for completion of subdivision work--Remedies for enforcement of bond.
11-6-30      Special assessment provisions in lieu of bond for completion of subdivision work.
11-6-31      Subdivision plats or replats to be submitted to planning commission--Recommendation to council.
11-6-32      Time allowed for approval or disapproval of plat--Plat deemed approved in absence of action--Ground of disapproval stated.
11-6-33      Dedication not accepted by approval of plat.
11-6-34      Register of deeds not to record plat unless approved by city council or other designated official.
11-6-35      Sale, transfer, or negotiation to sell lots before approval and recording of plat as petty offense--Injunction.
11-6-36      Approved plat required for street or utility work after attachment of platting jurisdiction.
11-6-37      Street construction specifically authorized by ordinance--Vote required to overrule planning commission.
11-6-38      Buildings prohibited on unapproved streets--Injunction action available.
11-6-39      Continuation of lawful uses existing when zoning ordinance adopted--If nonconforming use discontinued one year, subsequent use must conform.
11-6-40      Platting of certain land required.
11-6-41      Sign to notify public about petition and hearing on zoning change or conditional use permit.