12-27-39Application of campaign finance requirements.

The provisions of this chapter apply to each statewide office, legislative office, statewide ballot question, county offices and ballot questions in counties with population greater than ten thousand according to the most recent Federal census, ballot questions in first class municipalities, and school district offices and ballot questions in school districts with more than two thousand average daily membership. Any municipal or school district election covered by this chapter shall conform to the contribution limits applicable to legislative offices. This chapter does not apply to the unified judicial system, nor does this chapter apply to any township or special purpose district offices or ballot questions or elections for municipal offices. However, the governing body of any county, township, municipality, school district, or special purpose district not otherwise covered by this chapter may adopt an ordinance or resolution to make the provisions of this chapter, with or without amendments, applicable to county, township, municipal, school district, or special purpose district elections.

Source: SL 2007, ch 80, § 39; SL 2012, ch 86, § 1; SL 2016, ch 79, § 1; SL 2017, ch 71, § 39.