12-5-1      Organization and dissolution of political party.
12-5-1.1      Party constitution or bylaws required--Filing with secretary of state.
12-5-1.2      Repealed.
12-5-1.3      Notice to county auditors of party rules affecting elections .
12-5-1.4      Nominating petitions of new party primary candidates.
12-5-1.5      Organization and dissolution of political party without candidate for United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, Governor, or Legislature.
12-5-1.6      Reward prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
12-5-2      Precinct officials elected at primary.
12-5-3 to 12-5-3.5.      Repealed.
12-5-3.6      Selection of method of allocating national convention vote.
12-5-3.7      Repealed.
12-5-3.8      Certification of candidates or slates for primary--Placement on ballot--Selection process without primary.
12-5-3.9      Certification of candidates or slates by state chairperson--Mandamus to compel certification--Hearing.
12-5-3.10      Repealed.
12-5-3.11      Primary election of national convention delegates and alternates--Grouping of names on nominating petition--Statement of preference.
12-5-3.12      Preference of first nominating petition filed--One slate per candidate--Petitions rejected for noncompliance--Verified notice of disapproval filed by designated candidate removes slate from ballot.
12-5-3.13      Election of all delegates by slate receiving most votes.
12-5-3.14      Notice by candidates or supporters of intention to enter presidential primary.
12-5-3.15      State board to adopt rules.
12-5-3.16      Certification of names of national convention nominees for President and vice-president--Alternate certification.
12-5-3.17      Repealed.
12-5-4      Statement filed by candidates for precinct committee--Time of filing--Contents.
12-5-4.1      Unopposed candidate for precinct committee automatically elected.
12-5-5 to 12-5-7.      Repealed.
12-5-8      Furnishing to precincts of ballots for precinct committee--Form prescribed by state board.
12-5-9      Votes for precinct committee restricted to nominees.
12-5-10      Repealed.
12-5-11, 12-5-12.      Repealed.
12-5-13      Precinct committeemen elected by plurality at primary--Term of office.
12-5-14      County central committee--Composition--Organization--Certification of party officials.
12-5-15      Vacancies filled by county central committee--Exception.
12-5-16      Repealed.
12-5-17      Biennial state conventions--Time and place--Notice to secretary of state.
12-5-18      Voting by delegates to state convention.
12-5-19      Repealed.
12-5-20      Repealed.
12-5-21      Nomination of state candidates not voted on at primary--Presidential electors and national committee members.

12-5-22      Majority required for nomination by convention--Certification to secretary of state.
12-5-23, 12-5-24.      Repealed .
12-5-25      Nomination of candidates by political party with alternative political status--Primary election.
12-5-26      New party nomination of candidates.