13-3-51Data reporting and record systems--Evaluation--Promulgation of rules--Exception.

The secretary of the Department of Education shall establish a uniform system for the gathering and reporting of educational data for the keeping of adequate educational and financial records and for the evaluation of educational progress. Any school district or school seeking state accreditation shall submit enrollment data, personnel data, and shall verify all state and federal standards for accreditation and approval of schools, including those related to safety and educational equity of the school district or school by October fifteenth of each year. If the due date falls on a weekend or state holiday, the due date is the next business day following the scheduled due date. An annual written evaluation of the educational progress in the state and in each school district shall be submitted to the Legislature and shall be made available in each school district to the general public. The South Dakota Board of Education Standards may promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 to further define the data required pursuant to this section. However, nothing in this section authorizes the collection of information not necessary for the calculation of funding for public education, the determination of student academic progress, state and federal reporting requirements, or other duties prescribed to a school district, the department, or the South Dakota Board of Education Standards by law.

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