13-3-69Promulgation of rules to establish state accountability system.

The South Dakota Board of Education Standards may promulgate administrative rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 to establish the state accountability system based on achievement and other indicators including:

(1)    A definition of academic progress;

(2)    The method of calculating yearly progress in mathematics and reading for all public schools, including methods for determining both the status and growth;

(3)    A definition of four levels of student achievement, including a proficient level;

(4)    Determination of cut scores in mathematics and reading for each level of student achievement;

(5)    Establishment of the measurable objectives for academic progress;

(6)    Establishment of a system of sanctions, rewards, and recognition;

(7)    Establishment of the process for teacher and principal evaluation;

(8)    Determination of the criteria to demonstrate student preparedness for college and career for each public high school;

(9)    Determination of the method for calculating the attendance rate for each public elementary and middle school;

(10)    Establishment of an appeal process for public schools; and

(11)    Establishment of a process whereby the state accountability system will be periodically reviewed.

Source: SL 2003, ch 90, § 8; SL 2012, ch 89, § 6; SL 2017, ch 81, § 57.