13-47-1      South Dakota Board of Directors for Educational Telecommunications created--Composition and appointment of members.
13-47-1.1      Board and facilities as educational telecommunications section.
13-47-2      Function of board of directors.
13-47-3      Officers of board.
13-47-4      Employment of personnel for office--Supplies and equipment.
13-47-4.1      Administrative control over office.
13-47-5      Meetings of board--Records--Reports.
13-47-6      Expenses of board members.
13-47-7      Telecommunications network sponsored by board.
13-47-8      Acquisition and use of property.
13-47-9      Gifts and contributions for educational telecommunications.
13-47-10      Acceptance and use of federal aid.
13-47-11      Federal licenses for telecommunications--Applications, reports, and requests to Federal Communications Commission.
13-47-12      Construction, maintenance, and operation of telecommunications facilities.
13-47-13      Contracting for interconnecting channel service.
13-47-14      Operation of telecommunications network consistent with federal regulations and department policies.
13-47-15      Establishment of general policy for educational telecommunications.
13-47-15.1      INFOTEXT system.
13-47-16      Standard broadcast and closed circuit programs.
13-47-16.1      Powers of board extended to radio--Construction priorities--Allocation of frequencies.
13-47-17      Facilities not used for subversive purposes or to influence legislation.
13-47-18      Lease arrangements for sharing cost of operating facilities.
13-47-19 to 13-47-21. Repealed.
13-47-21.1      Repealed.
13-47-22, 13-47-23. Repealed.