15-2-1      Commencement of civil actions limited by prescribed periods--Manner of objecting to commencement.
15-2-2      Application of limitations to actions by or for state--Exceptions.
15-2-3      Cause of action based on fraud accruing on discovery or notice.
15-2-4      Accrual of cause of action on open account.
15-2-5      Accrual of cause of action for mortgage foreclosure.
15-2-5.1      Limitation of action to challenge validity on nonjudicial foreclosure of real property mortgage.
15-2-6      Actions on state judgments and sealed instruments.
15-2-7      Actions to foreclose real estate mortgages.
15-2-8      Judgment of federal or foreign court--Mentally ill person's support--Abstracter's bond--Relief not otherwise provided for.
15-2-9 to 15-2-12.      Repealed.
15-2-12.1      Repealed.
15-2-12.2      Product liability actions--Prospective application.
15-2-13      Contract obligation or liability--Statutory liability--Trespass--Personal property--Injury to noncontract rights--Fraud--Setting aside corporate instrument.
15-2-14      Action against sheriff, coroner, or constable--Action for statutory penalty or forfeiture--Action for personal injury.
15-2-14.1      Time for bringing medical malpractice actions--Counterclaims--Prospective application.
15-2-14.2      Time for bringing legal malpractice actions--Prospective application.
15-2-14.3      Time for bringing action against professional corporation--Corporate character and status unaffected.
15-2-14.4      Time for bringing action against licensed public accountant.
15-2-14.5      Time for bringing action against veterinarian--Counterclaims.
15-2-14.6      Time for bringing action against real estate licensees, agents, and employees--Prospective application.
15-2-14.7      Time for bringing action against firm of real estate broker, agent, or employee--Prospective application.
15-2-14.8      Time for bringing action against certain professional corporations and professional practitioners for acts or omissions occurring prior to January 1, 1990.
15-2-15      Actions for libel, slander, assault, battery, or false imprisonment--Actions for statutory forfeitures or penalties--Actions concerning wages.
15-2-15.1      Repealed.
15-2-15.2      Time for bringing action under federal civil rights statutes.
15-2-16      Limitation of actions for recovery of municipal funds unlawfully expended.
15-2-17      Actions for escape of prisoner arrested on civil process--Statutory forfeiture or penalty--Petty offense.
15-2-18      Actions on instruments circulated as money not limited by provisions.
15-2-19      Actions against bank directors, shareholders, agents, or employees.
15-2-20      Tolling of statute during absence of defendant from state--Real estate mortgage foreclosure actions excepted.
15-2-21      Running of statute against enemy alien during war.
15-2-22      Tolling of statute during disability--Maximum period of extension--Actions excepted.
15-2-22.1      Repealed.
15-2-23      Disability to have existed when right of action accrued.
15-2-24      Coexisting disabilities.
15-2-25      Tolling of statute during injunction or statutory prohibition.
15-2-26, 15-2-27.      Repealed.
15-2-28      Mortgage presumed paid after fifteen years--Tolling provisions not applicable.
15-2-29      Writing required for acknowledgment or promise to take case out of operation of chapter.
15-2-30      Commencement of action by service of summons--Summons on codefendant.
15-2-31      Attempted commencement of action by delivery of summons to sheriff--Publication or service following attempt.
15-2-32      New action after reversal of judgment on appeal.
15-2-33      Dismissal without prejudice subject to plaintiff's right to satisfy earlier judgment involving same parties.
15-2-34      Action for recovery of damages against regional airport authority--Commencement.
15-2-35      Action against real estate appraiser or employee for malpractice, error, mistake, or omission.
15-2-36      Actions for breach of trust against qualified persons.