21-32-1      Office of Commissioner of Claims created--Appointment of circuit judge to act.
21-32-2      Limitation of actions on claims against the state.
21-32-3      Filing of petition on claim for which no appointment--Certification to presiding circuit judge--Appointment of commissioner--Filing if claim arose, or petitioner resides, out of state.
21-32-4      Service of petition on attorney general--Answer and defense by attorney general.
21-32-5      Time and place fixed for hearing claim--Notice to attorney general.
21-32-6      Evidence received at hearing on claim--Adjournment of hearing.
21-32-7      Filing of commissioner's findings on claim against the state--Submission to Governor and Legislature--Findings advisory only.
21-32-8      State as defendant in actions involving property.
21-32-9      Service on attorney general in property action involving state--Appearance and representation of state.
21-32-10      Original action in Supreme Court on claim disallowed by state auditor--Filing of complaint.
21-32-11      Undertaking for costs filed by plaintiff in Supreme Court action.
21-32-12      Service of complaint and notice to plead on attorney general--Pleading by attorney general.
21-32-13      Trial of action in Supreme Court.
21-32-14      Execution not issued against state--Judgment certified to state auditor--Payment of damages.
21-32-15      Liability insurance--Purchase by state.
21-32-16      Waiver of immunity to extent of insurance coverage--Consent to suit.
21-32-17      Immunity of state officers, employees, and agents.
21-32-18      Service on attorney general required for waiver--Judgment void without service.
21-32-19      Payment of certain medical and property damage claims against state--Rules.
21-32-20      Sovereign immunity not waived.
21-32-21      Effectiveness of § 21-32-19.