21-47-1      Venue of foreclosure actions--Service outside county on nonresident defendant.
21-47-2      Service by publication on nonresident, absent or unknown defendants.
21-47-3      Joinder as party defendant of person liable on debt secured--Deficiency judgment against persons liable.
21-47-4      Previous actions for collection of debt to be disclosed by complaint.
21-47-5      Foreclosure not permitted after money judgment unless execution returned unsatisfied.
21-47-6      Proceedings at law not had while foreclosure action pending.
21-47-7      Injunction to restrain injury to property during existence of lien or foreclosure.
21-47-8      Dismissal of complaint on payment into court of installments then due.
21-47-9      Examination of premises on judgment for plaintiff.
21-47-10      Stay of further proceedings on payment before sale of installments then due--Enforcement of judgment on subsequent default.
21-47-11      Sale by parcels to pay delinquent installments--Subsequent sales on later default.
21-47-12      Sale of entire tract and payment of installments due--Investment and payment of subsequent installments to plaintiff--Surplus for benefit of defendant.
21-47-13      Judgment of foreclosure and sale of premises--Sale by parcels--Delivery of possession deferred during period of redemption.
21-47-14      Officer by whom sale made--Place and notice of sale--Levy on execution not required.
21-47-15      Purchase by mortgagee at sale--Fair and reasonable bid required.
21-47-16      Proof required of mortgagee bidding less than amount of debt--Court decree permitting bid--Execution for deficiency.
21-47-17      Foreclosure as complete satisfaction of debt--Exception.
21-47-18      Application of proceeds of sale--Investment of unclaimed surplus.
21-47-19      Cancellation or endorsement of evidence of debt on application of proceeds of sale.
21-47-20      Execution for balance unsatisfied by proceeds of sale.
21-47-21      Certificate of sale issued to purchaser.
21-47-22      Prior certificates validated despite delay in recording--Rights barred by no action.
21-47-23      Redemption procedure.
21-47-24      Deed issued on expiration of time for redemption--Persons barred by deed--Mortgagor entitled to harvest crops planted before issuance of deed.
21-47-24.1      Lien priority in crops determined by Uniform Commercial Code.
21-47-25      Prior foreclosure sales validated despite defects--Rights barred by no action.