23A-28C-4Victim defined.

For the purposes of this chapter, the term, victim, means any person being the direct subject of an alleged act that would constitute a crime of violence as defined by subdivision 22-1-2(9), burglary in the second degree, simple assault as defined in §§ 22-18-1 and 22-18-1.5, interference with emergency communication as defined in § 49-31-29.2, violation of a protection order or no contact order as defined in § 25-10-13, disorderly conduct between persons in a relationship described in § 25-10-3.1, stalking as defined in chapter 22-19A, a violation of chapter 22-22, a violation of chapter 22-49, or a driving or boating under the influence vehicle accident, under the laws of South Dakota or the laws of the United States. If the victim does not survive, is a minor, or is unable to comment, the term, victim, means the members of the immediate family of the primary victim. The victim may also designate a representative to act on the victim's behalf.

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