23A-28C-8Victim or witness assistant--Duties.

The victim or witness assistant shall:

(1)    Advise the victim about the legal proceedings in which the victim will be involved;

(2)    Advise the victim concerning any required appearance at any proceeding and if the proceeding is continued or postponed;

(3)    Assist the state's attorney, court services officer, and the victim to determine the amount of monetary damages suffered by the victim and advise the victim about restitution;

(4)    Advise, if the victim is less than sixteen years of age and the victim of certain crimes, the victim and one of the victim's immediate family that the preliminary hearing or deposition testimony of the victim may be videotaped pursuant to § 23A-12-9;

(5)    Advise the victim or one of the victim's immediate family if the defendant is released from custody and the defendant's bail conditions.

The victim or witness assistant may accompany the victim in any criminal proceeding.

Source: SL 1986, ch 192, § 3; SDCL § 22-1-11; SL 2005, ch 120, §§ 364, 366.