23A-45-12(Rule 57(a)) Circuit court rules adopted by presiding judge--Consistent with title--Copies furnished to Supreme Court and code counsel--Publication of rules.

A majority of the judges in each circuit court may make and amend rules governing practice not inconsistent with the rules contained in this chapter. Notice of the intent to adopt, amend or repeal any rule shall be given by filing a copy of the proposed rule, amendment or repeal in the office of the clerk of courts in each county within the circuit to be affected and by giving notice indicating the purpose of the proposed rule, amendment, or repeal in general terms and fixing a time and place, not sooner than thirty days following the date of the notice, at which any person may appear and be heard regarding the proposed adoption, amendment, or repeal. Notice of the proposed adoption, amendment, or repeal of several rules may be given at one time and in one notice. The notice required by this rule may be given by mailing to all of the active members of the state bar within the circuit.

Any rule, or amendment or repeal thereof, adopted pursuant to this section shall become effective upon being filed with and approved by the Supreme Court. Upon being approved, all such rules, amendments, or repeals thereof shall be filed by the Supreme Court with the code counsel who shall publish them as an appendix to Title 23A of the code. Any rules heretofore adopted pursuant to this section are hereby nullified. Clerks of courts shall make appropriate arrangements, subject to the approval of the Supreme Court, to make copies of all rules promulgated pursuant to this section available to the public.

Source: SL 1978, ch 178, § 560; SL 1979, ch 159, § 45; SL 1991, ch 433 (Supreme Court Rule 90-10).