26-7A-19Options of court following temporary custody hearing for abused or neglected child.

If the child is an apparent, alleged, or adjudicated abused or neglected child, after the temporary custody hearing the court may:

(1)    Order the release of the child from temporary custody, either with or without restriction or condition or upon written promise of the child's parents, guardian, or custodian regarding the care and protection of the child; or

(2)    Continue the temporary custody of the child under the terms and conditions for duration and placement that the court requires, including placement of temporary custody of the child with the Department of Social Services, in foster care or shelter. The court and the Department of Social Services shall give placement preference to a relative, custodian, or an individual, not related by birth, adoption, or marriage to the child but who has an emotionally significant relationship with the child, who is available and who has been determined by the department to be qualified, provided that placement with that relative, custodian, or individual is in the best interest of the child. If temporary custody of the child is continued by the court, the court may provide for visitation of the child by the child's parents, guardian, custodian, or family members in keeping with the best interests of the child. If the child is in temporary custody of the Department of Social Services and has not been adjudicated as an abused or neglected child, the court shall review the child's temporary custody placement at least once every sixty days.

As used in this section, the term, relative, means an adult who is related to the child by blood, adoption, or marriage, and who is the child's grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, great grandparent, great uncle, great aunt, first cousin, second cousin, stepparent, or stepsibling.

As used in this section, the term, custodian, means an adult who is the biological parent, adoptive parent, or guardian of the child's sibling or half-sibling.

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