27A-10-1 Petition asserting need for immediate intervention of mentally ill person--Contents.
     27A-10-1.   Petition asserting need for immediate intervention of mentally ill person--Contents. If any person is alleged to be severely mentally ill and in such condition that immediate intervention is necessary for the protection from physical harm to self or others, any person, eighteen years of age or older, may complete a petition stating the factual basis for concluding that such person is severely mentally ill and in immediate need of intervention. The petition shall be upon a form and be verified by affidavit. The petition shall include the following:
             (1)      A statement by the petitioner that the petitioner believes, on the basis of personal knowledge, that such person is, as a result of severe mental illness, a danger to self or others;
             (2)      The specific nature of the danger;
             (3)      A summary of the information upon which the statement of danger is based;
             (4)      A statement of facts which caused the person to come to the petitioner's attention;
             (5)      The address and signature of the petitioner and a statement of the petitioner's interest in the case; and
             (6)      The name of the person to be evaluated; the address, age, marital status, and occupation of the person and the name and address of the person's nearest relative.
     The state's attorney or other person designated by the board of county commissioners shall assist the petitioner in completing the petition. No designee may be a member of the county board of mental illness. Upon completion of the petition, the petition shall be forthwith submitted to the chair of the county board of mental illness where such severely mentally ill person is found. The term, forthwith, means that the petition shall be completed and submitted to the chair at the earliest possible time during normal waking hours. If a petition is not filed with the chair within twenty-four hours of the apprehension of the person, the person shall be released. If the person is released, the referring county shall provide the person with transportation to the county where the person was taken into custody if the person so chooses. If the county where the person was apprehended is served by a board other than the board serving the county where the facility to which the person is transported is located, a copy of the petition shall also be forthwith filed with the chair of such board.

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