32-15-1      Registration of vehicle without safety glass as petty offense--Suspension of registration.
32-15-2      Replacement with material other than safety glass as petty offense.
32-15-2.1      Laminated glass required for windshield--Position--Minimum height--Exemption.
32-15-2.2      Cracked or broken glass prohibited.
32-15-2.3      Glass impairing operator's vision prohibited.
32-15-2.4      One-way glass, adhesive film, or other glaze in windshield or front side windows prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-15-2.5      One-way glass, adhesive film, or other glaze in rear window prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-15-2.6      Definition of terms.
32-15-2.7      Manufacturer certification of compliance with light transmission specifications.
32-15-2.8      Repealed.
32-15-2.9      Sunscreening devices on windshield prohibited--Extension of film limited.
32-15-2.10      Compliance with meter manufacturer's testing procedure--Serial number and certification date noted on citation for violation.
32-15-3      Repealed.
32-15-4      Repealed.
32-15-5      Nontransparent material on windows prohibited--Petty offense--Official certificates excepted.
32-15-6      Objects dangling between driver and windshield as petty offense.
32-15-7      Windshield wipers required--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-8      Rear-vision mirrors required--Visibility distance--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-9      Television receivers prohibited--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-10      Horn required--Audibility distance--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-11      Sirens, whistles, and unnecessary loud noises as misdemeanor.
32-15-12      Bell, siren, or whistle permitted on emergency vehicles.
32-15-13      Directional turn signals required--Misdemeanor--Motorcycles and agricultural vehicles excepted.
32-15-13.1      Silage and seasonal farm trucks exempt--Gross weight--Restrictions on use.
32-15-14 to 32-15-16.      Repealed.
32-15-17      Exhaust system and muffler required--Exhaust location--Muffler cut-out prohibited--Misdemeanor.
32-15-18      Improperly loaded vehicle unlawful--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-15-19      Repealed.
32-15-20      Slow-moving vehicle emblem required--Place of mounting--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-21      Design of slow-moving vehicle emblem.
32-15-22      Misuse of slow-moving vehicle emblem prohibited--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-23      Superseded.
32-15-24 to 32-15-26.      Repealed.
32-15-27      Wheel weight, movement, and damping device requirements for vehicle suspension systems--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-28      Steering system requirements--Violation as petty offense.

32-15-29      Excess lash or free play in steering system--Test standards--Violation as petty offense.
32-15-30      Repealed.
32-15-31      Floor pan required.
32-15-32      Door levers, handles, and devices of egress--Hood latches.
32-15-33      Disconnecting, resetting, or altering odometer as criminal offense--Repairs--Notice of mileage change--Criminal penalties.
32-15-34      Operating vehicle with disconnected odometer as misdemeanor.
32-15-35      Definitions--Aftermarket crash parts.
32-15-36      Identifying aftermarket crash parts supplied by nonoriginal manufacturer.