32-15-28Steering system requirements--Violation as petty offense.

No person may operate a motor vehicle required to be registered in this state which has an unloaded weight of six thousand pounds or less, other than a motorcycle, on a public highway unless the steering system complies with the following requirements:

(1)    No steering components may extend below the wheel rims in their lowest position;

(2)    The steering system shall remain unobstructed when turned from lock to lock;

(3)    The steering wheel may have not less than two turns or more than six turns when turning the road wheels from lock to lock;

(4)    When the motor vehicle is in a sharp turn at a speed between five and fifteen miles per hour, release of the steering wheel shall result in a distinct tendency for the vehicle to increase its turning radius;

(5)    The vehicle shall be capable of traversing a slalom type path passing alternately to the left and right of at least four cones or markers arranged in a straight line spaced sixty feet apart on a dry hard flat surface free from loose material, at a minimum velocity of twenty-five miles per hour.

A violation of this section is a petty offense.

Source: SL 1977, ch 260, § 1 (1) to (4), (7); SL 1989, ch 255, § 39.