32-20-1      Definition of terms.
32-20-2      Driver license or permit required to operate motorcycle, moped, all-terrain vehicle, or three-wheel vehicle--Testing requirements--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-3      Repealed.
32-20-4      Protective helmet required for minor--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-4.1      Eye protective device or windscreen required--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-4.2      Protective devices not required of riders in enclosed cab.
32-20-5      Repealed.
32-20-6      Repealed.
32-20-6.1      Operator and passengers restricted to permanent and regular seats--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.2      Position of motorcyclist--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.3      Carrying package on motorcycle--Restrictions--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.4      Rider interfering with control or view of operator--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.5      Attachment to other vehicles prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-6.6      Restrictions on possession of firearms on motorcycles and off-road vehicles--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-7      Renting motorcycle to unauthorized person--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-8      Permitting other person to operate rented motorcycle--Violation as petty offense.
32-20-9      Operation of motorcycle in park or recreation areas as petty offense.
32-20-9.1      Motorcycle entitled to full traffic lane--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-9.2      Motorcycle prohibited from overtaking in same lane--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-9.3      Motorcycle operation between lanes prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-9.4      Policemen exempt from restrictions on use of lanes.
32-20-9.5      Restriction to two abreast--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-10      Motorcycle use on special occasions.
32-20-11      Repealed.
32-20-12      Off-road vehicles--Operation on certain lands as misdemeanor--Registration--Title certificate.
32-20-12.1      Ordinances prohibiting operation of off-road vehicles in ditches--Exceptions--Regulatory signs.
32-20-13      All-terrain or off-road vehicles licensed as motorcycles--Requirements--Use on interstate highways prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-20-14      Motorcycle safety education--Standards and procedures--Funding.
32-20-15      Budget and appropriation of revenue available for motorcycle safety education.
32-20-16      Display of blue light as part of rear brake light authorized.