32-32-1      "School bus" defined.
32-32-2      Marking of school bus--When markings to be concealed--Violation as petty offense.
32-32-3      Color of school bus--Exception--Violation as petty offense.
32-32-4      Use of color for other vehicles prohibited--Repainting of buses formerly used--Violation as petty offense.
32-32-5      Flashing red and amber lights required--Exception--Removal from buses formerly used.
32-32-5.1      Buses covered by lighting requirements--Deadline for meeting requirements.
32-32-5.2      Use of red and amber lights by school bus operator--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-32-6      Duty of motorists to slow or stop in obedience to amber or red signal--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-32-7      Highways with separate roadways--Buses stopped in loading zones.
32-32-8      Repealed.
32-32-9      Civil penalty against vehicle failing to stop for school bus.
32-32-10      Civil proceeding for penalty--Lien of penalty.
32-32-11      Lien not applicable to vehicle leased or used without owner's consent--Subordination to security interests.
32-32-12      Stop arm signal required.
32-32-13      Transportation of persons attending conventions by school buses.
32-32-14      Head Start buses to be painted school bus yellow.
32-32-15      Repealed.
32-32-16      Deadline for equipping bus with stop arm signal.