34-37-1      Definition of terms.
34-37-2      License required for sale of fireworks--Application--Fee--Duration--Display.
34-37-2.1      Minimum age for sale or dispensing of fireworks.
34-37-2.2      Sixty-six day and fifty-seven day special retail licenses--Copy of law and map provided with sale.
34-37-3      Prohibited fireworks--Manufacture or use as misdemeanor.
34-37-4      Possession, sale, or use of unauthorized fireworks unlawful.
34-37-5      Permissible fireworks enumerated and described.
34-37-6      Examination of fireworks by department.
34-37-7      Exemptions from chapter.
34-37-8      Importation by unlicensed persons prohibited--Retailer to purchase from licensed wholesaler.
34-37-9      Purchase invoices held by licensee--Inspection by department.
34-37-10      Period and times during which retail sales permitted.
34-37-10.1      Sale from vehicle prohibited.
34-37-10.2      Exits from structures where fireworks sold.
34-37-10.3      "No smoking" signs where fireworks sold.
34-37-10.4      Minimum distance for igniting of fireworks.
34-37-10.5      Open flame prohibited where fireworks sold--Fire extinguisher required.
34-37-10.6      Approved exit.
34-37-11      Sale or use prohibited in forests, parks and other specified areas--Exception--Violation as misdemeanor.
34-37-12      Exportation of fireworks from state.
34-37-12.1      Evidence of delivery outside of state.
34-37-13      Public display of fireworks.
34-37-14      Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.
34-37-15      Subsequent conviction as ground for revocation or suspension of license.
34-37-16      Possession of unauthorized fireworks unlawful--Seizure and destruction.
34-37-16.1      Period during which discharge of fireworks permitted--Violation as misdemeanor.
34-37-16.2      Certain fireworks permitted all year.
34-37-17      Enforcement by department and law enforcement officers.
34-37-18      Record forms prescribed by secretary.
34-37-19      County regulation of fireworks--Use of South Dakota grassland fire danger index.
34-37-20      Repealed.