36-11-19.8Recording patient information--Toll-free telephone service--Written information on new or changed prescriptions.

A nonresident pharmacy shall obtain, record, and maintain pertinent patient information. The pharmacy shall provide patients a written offer to consult and access to a toll-free telephone service to facilitate communications between the patient and the pharmacist at the pharmacy. The number of the toll-free telephone service shall be printed on a label affixed to each container of a prescription drug dispensed by the pharmacy to a patient. The toll-free telephone service shall be available for a minimum of six days a week and forty hours a week.

In addition, a nonresident pharmacy shall provide the patient written information about the medication on all new or changed prescriptions. The information shall include directions for storage and use, precautions and relevant warnings about drug interactions and common side effects, and directions for patient action if the patient misses a scheduled dose of the prescription.

Source: SL 1997, ch 217, § 7.