36-26-1      Definition of terms.
36-26-2      Purpose and application of chapter.
36-26-3      Board of Social Work Examiners--Composition--Appointment and qualifications of members.
36-26-4      Repealed.
36-26-5      Terms of appointment.
36-26-6      Removal by Governor for cause--Filling of vacancies.
36-26-7      Annual meeting and election of officers--Secretary-treasurer included in blanket bond.
36-26-8      Per diem and expenses of board members--Compensation of secretary-treasurer--Employment of office personnel.
36-26-9      Board of examiners within Department of Social Services--Exercise of functions--Records and reports.
36-26-10      Unlicensed practice as misdemeanor--Associates to be supervised by social workers.
36-26-11      Titles and designations prohibited to unlicensed persons.
36-26-12      Practice of other professions not prohibited--Students to practice under licensee.
36-26-13      Board to issue licenses.
36-26-14      Qualifications of certified social worker.
36-26-15      Qualifications for social worker's license.
36-26-15.1      Licensure of persons graduating from social work programs in candidacy status.
36-26-16      Qualifications for social work associate.
36-26-17      Independent practice requirements.
36-26-17.1      Certain healing arts practitioners to participate in alternate health care delivery systems.
36-26-18      Exemption from examination for out-of-state licensees.
36-26-18.1      National or multi-state licensing compact.
36-26-19      Application fees.
36-26-20      Repealed.
36-26-21      Times and places of examinations.
36-26-22      Re-examinations allowed--Fee.
36-26-23      Expiration and renewal of licenses--Renewal fee.
36-26-24      Display of license.
36-26-25      Annual publication of names of licensees and private practitioners.
36-26-26      Continuing education required--Waiver.
36-26-27      Failure to renew as forfeiture of license--Restoration upon application and payment of fee.
36-26-28      Re-examination required after lapse of license.
36-26-29      Promulgation of rules by board.
36-26-30      Social worker-client privilege--Exceptions.
36-26-31      Examination and inspection of private establishments--Access to premises.
36-26-32      Grounds for denial, revocation, suspension, or cancellation of license.
36-26-33      Initiation of cancellation, revocation, or suspension proceedings.
36-26-34      Quorum for proceedings on cancellation, revocation, suspension or reissuance of license--Majority vote required.
36-26-35      Proceedings to conform to administrative procedure.
36-26-36      Appeal from board rulings or decisions.
36-26-37      Reinstatement or reissue of license after cancellation, suspension or revocation-- Automatic reinstatement after suspension.
36-26-38      Record of license data kept by secretary-treasurer--Evidence--Certified copies.
36-26-39      Violation of chapter as misdemeanor.
36-26-40      Board to recommend prosecutions and civil actions for violations.
36-26-41      Investigation and report of violations--Employment of special counsel--Expenses.
36-26-42      Action to enjoin violations--Alternate to criminal proceedings--Election.
36-26-43      Disposition of moneys received by board--Credit to Board of Examiners account--Continuous appropriation for expenses.
36-26-44      Issuance of temporary licenses--Validity--Expiration.
36-26-45      Clinical social work defined.